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About me and for me. Chast1

About me and for me.

Before you roads lie, you Choose by


Main in life it will be,

You forward on it will go, the happiness you will find

On the Road of Life,

We invite you in fascinating and informative travel. For this travel you do not need to

tourist equipment, the book will be your guide, and you will comprehend only those " stations; on which it is necessary to leave an option for you. On each of stations you will gain practical knowledge, reasonable solutions of your problems, learn to operate the thoughts what is the reasons of failures in that it is necessary to do that not to repeat them.

On the way there will be many stations. The master says that: - Everything begins with the childhood, everything comes back to the childhood therefore we will also begin with it.

The master your way that parents need to know about education of the children. What they? What interests them? Before to grow up tomatoes on the kitchen garden, we begin to look for books how to grow up them, we ask neighbors etc. In general we develop rough activity, we find for this purpose time, money, forces. And what children it is easier to grow up?

Of course it not so. Education of children, is a creative activity and parents have to be prepared for it. What at us now a century?

- The Twenty first, and to what this question Master?

And to the fact that in education of children, the tradition of personal experience of parents, and also councils, grandmothers, neighbors, friends and acquaintances prevails. On such councils the whole generations were brought up. Nobody says that all of them are not necessary is present, but parents have to choose only those councils which suit them.

- But there are also books according to which it is possible learns to raise children?

- Of course, but many parents consider what is written in books to their children it does not approach. Therefore they also do not read them.

All children different and at them as soon as they begin to speak, arise questions and as parents can give them what they do not have.

Knowledge which parents will gain when reading books will help them to keep the forces, to save time and consequently to bring up the child so that when he grows up he will not repeat mistakes, the parents. Unfortunately many begin to understand it, only when their children become rather adult. At education of the child not only practical, but also theoretical knowledge are necessary.

It would be desirable to learn about memory of the child of his thoughts .

Let`s talk about memory. The person has to think, but if he forgets the thoughts, then they to him it seems and to anything. The part of thoughts which remained with it in memory is more considerable for it, those which he forgot. Not only children, but also at each of us, have thoughts, as if stored. And if necessary emerge on a surface . At the child memory develops on his inquisitiveness, it is interesting to him or not that interestingly he remembers and that is not interesting, as they say: In one ear flies, and takes off for another. There is an internal requirement: Why?, What For?, From where? etc. He constantly looks for answers to questions. Well, and we as usual, from them wave away, to us is constant not when, and the child wants to learn now, immediately to him they are vital. Forgetting, and even just without knowing that on knowledge his thoughts develop.

It takes a toy and begins to break it or to take to pieces, interests him; - And what there inside?. Not each of parents will explain, but almost everyone begins to abuse him. And if it is not pleasant that your child breaks them, then it is necessary not to shout at him, and to distract to you his attention not less interesting subject or other in a different way. The thought of the child in his first years cannot manage " yet; without hands . It thinks hands, in way, available to it. When he begins to tell opportunities, his thoughts unprecedentedly increase. Stars and satellites he cannot touch it not a toy, and here can ask you. Again clear to answer, it is necessary to know what is waited for the answer by your child. But the child thinks differently than you, but you try to ask him the same questions. You need to find out and that he knows about it? And only then answer his questions.

Of course if conversation on memory came, then it will be interesting to parents to know, that they told the child yesterday, he will not remember today, so, any more that they should not think that he did to spite.

The master, and as you think, exists the main method of education ?

Any of the existing methods, is not universal. Children all different and under their standard to adjust does not follow. How many problems, are so much also methods of education. Give, return to the previous question. The child needs to explain that it is important not how many storing, and is more important judgment of what he learned. Of course memory in many respects depends on its independent application of thought. Well, and one of ways of improvement of memory, repetition is, especially, when the child applies acquired. For example:

To parents, a thicket it is necessary to talk to the child, unknown to him, it has to be realized at him with earlier familiar, known. Children from early age are capable to thinking, they always tell the truth, with age ability is correct to think increases, and truthfulness almost disappears. Learns to talk correctly to the children, to be able to listen to them, here that parents need to know still.

Very often children ask not because it is interesting to them, they just

want that you paid the attention to them, talked, played together with them, went for walk etc. of

Children, think as well as adults?

The person thinks images. At the word bear at it in consciousness appears images of an animal, the wood, honey etc. The word at the same time expresses thought and an image. At the child it is shown it in his creativity: drawing, molding etc. He at first conceives mentally what he would like to draw, represents the drawing but only then begins to draw. At this time it does not need to impose the beliefs, specifying at the same time that it incorrectly holds a pencil, took not that paper etc. The violence over thought of the child will not lead to anything good.

It is necessary to teach it necessary and interesting that he reached for knowledge. Parents should select necessary and to make it interesting. The child, often argues incorrectly, superficially, but to worry from - for it, in my opinion is not necessary. He still so knows a little, and got used to think out improbable things.

You should not abuse it for it, it develops ability to the imagination, so not standard thinking that will help it to create new. For this purpose you only need to create it necessary conditions, for its successful development.

In our century there is a huge number of information which we receive with the help: the TV, the receiver, the Internet etc.

But it is not necessary to worry that it is too much information for the child, and it is rather on the contrary that it is not enough for his development.

The lexicon at it increases, but it does not mean, as thoughts begin to develop the same rates, of course information will be necessary it a basis for receiving further knowledge by it.

The Master, and in what distinction of information from knowledge? To me always repeated that at school I gain knowledge .

Information and knowledge, are not same. The child obtained information that white crystal powder, is sugar, but he will gain knowledge when tries it, and will know that it is sweet.

This knowledge will remain at it for the rest of life. Sugar, sweet.

Knowledge, without their practical application in life, and will remain

Information. Value of a subject cannot be acquired words, it can be acquired only after knowledge of a subject. Now it is clear to you, than they differ?

- Certainly .

We all the life, lean on the childhood, experience of the past accompanies us always. When we, something begin to do subconsciousness, gives out to us children`s experience and we follow it, sometimes and without knowing from where it undertook or on the contrary knowing. It is impossible to live past. Life, the person consists of the past, the present and the future, to be exact he them lives. It is required to comprehend before and whether last experience approaches, to today`s life, or not but only then to follow it. I already said to you earlier that it is not necessary to look at life from one side, each problem it is necessary to turn from all directions, as matchbox.

You see, one its party I another and when we began, to look at it from all directions found out that it still is cover for storage of matches.

Then, what life to lead if we live in three at the same time?

Real! Applying its experience, at the same time comprehending that we live in the real world. You live life, and at me the life, others experience, this is the stranger, but also completely to reject it, is not necessary. To Take from it that to you resembles, here, that needs to be done, at the same time also to improve.

Always go the own way. Problems which arise, on experience of the past are regularity, they drag following themselves, more precisely any problem creates one more etc.

At first at you there is a thought which leads you to actions. You conceived, something to buy, at first think that it is specifically necessary for you, and the desire appears then, and you go behind furniture. And in furniture store at you jumps out thought, buy such furniture what stood at parents, or you saw at friends, acquaintances, neighbors and it was pleasant to you. Such you also buy though you saw it long ago, begin to understand over time that it became outdated Then you speak: - Again, as at all! Money for new furniture, it is necessary to collect and collect. Yes let this costs!