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Tric - shot - what is it? billiards Legends, cue miracles...

I Will begin the article about the world of green cloth with the most interesting story. There was all this to me during the stay of work in okolobilyardny structure. Somehow one enterprising lady, in combination the wife of one of world " started talking; monsters a cue, about carrying out in the nice city of Kiev of the championship according to Tric - a shot. What excitement began, I will tell you, not to express in words! In Russia, by the way, tournaments of such scale are held too very seldom.

And the first that I began to find out, is details about the phenomenon Tric - shot . But believe, the fact that I will be able to tell, - only words and if you at least once see it with own eyes, you will seek to return more and more time to the surprising atmosphere. Because it reminds magic, focuses. Let`s construct a chain: focus - circus, circus - the childhood And there is someone who will refuse to become though for five minutes the naive and trustful child again?

So. Tric - shot. Trick shot. It is artistic billiards. It artistik - a pool. It is played by the elite and mentally ill people. Action, not comparable with one sports show. And still Tric - shot are men in white shirts, vests, with butterflies, a magnificent billiard table, ten cues about a chair of each participant, the brilliant long-legged beauties unpacked by a photo - and video cameras. Because it cannot be passed! The audience holds the breath for a moment - and right there explosion of an applause!

Artistic this type of billiards is called not incidentally. It by right is recognized as one of the most beautiful types of this game. Only the most high-class professionals who are skillfully owning technology of performance of the most difficult blows participate in competitions on artistik - to a pool. Each athlete artistik - a pool - already a legend. During lifetime. As wonderful wizards, they are able to force to move a sphere on an intricate trajectory: having several times hit against billiards boards, it gets directly to an aim sphere. Staginess and beauty of game in many respects depend not only on skill and ability of the player, but also on quality of stock. Spheres which use for such shows have absolutely regular shape. And cues make to order: in a single copy from the most valuable tree. Judge for yourself, whether it is possible to invest big money in something ordinary?

But it is a little simple to execute enchanting blows on which working off several years can leave!! All billiard-players of this cohort are magnificent actors: they entertain public between blows, bring the people as the priest - idols on a scene. Only unless the sense of humour at them is more intellectual, perhaps than Tric`s

- shot - an attractive show for any unprepared viewer. It is not obligatory to play billiards or at least to have some idea about it is mute to be fond artistik - a pool.

The one who observes the events cannot believe what was seen. Profane persons the audience wait for a trick or a dirty trick, check stock. And in it there is nothing surprising. Simplest it turned out to communicate to Pole Bogdan Volkovski and to the husband of the organizer Stephano Pelinga. One vanishes in billiard rooms at least for six hours a day, fulfilling specific blows. And the second trains almost round the clock - in the house there is a billiard room where it also spends the most part of the time. It is rendered a hundredfold: the elegant movement of a cue - and a sphere, a usual billiard ball, moves on an impossible curve, rotating or overcoming obstacles, and, having concerned two, and even more boards, fall in precisely set billiard pocket. Whether this perfection??

Today in Tric`s world - shot no more than one hundred the professional players and most famous and the titled no more than ten. From Russians worthy athletes - Mikhail Mosin and Evgeny Stalev.

And appeared Tric - shot on light almost incidentally. He was born in America as one of types of a public statement in billiards clubs for involvement of players in them 50 years ago. Any champion of the city, district, staff or world had in the repertoire several surprising company blows which could blow the mind of the visitor. Owners of billiards clubs were happy to invite to themselves someone from champions for demonstration of these unique tricks. The perfected most difficult blows turn game into a performance.

I will tell honestly, a performance that it is necessary. Each of then participating in the championship told something of the show. Yes, show! Tours are painted for the year ahead, the fees enormous, love of admirers devoted and friends are rivals true. Brotherhood still that!

It is possible to see this magnificence on the TV. Periodically broadcast cue miracles: that one its blow of 10 spheres run up across the field and all fall in billiard pockets, come nearer as crankshaft joints, to the purpose in turn - one by one, scatter a butterfly Or from darling public: the bitok if, of course, it is possible to call it so, gets to an aim sphere, they go to a way to one billiard pocket, and on the road the bitok manages to overtake the friend for couple of seconds and the first achieves the objectives!

And from memoirs. Masters of artistic billiards are beautiful people: sociable, friendly, funny, even amusing. One managed to lose baggage with all giblets. The second broke a cue, but at the same time cheerfully hooted, poured jokes and drank beer. The third wandered about Kiev in free time and admired architecture women!! Yes, it his words. Here so - that Such it, billiards if to come to it with bow yes caress: teach supposedly I will return the favor!