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What it was - the ardent revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg?

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my fairy tale, Rosa Luxemburg...
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? These are lines of one of lyrical songs of " group; Mummies Troll devoted to the famous revolutionary. We, and furthermore young generation - already almost also forgot - who it was such, Roza Lyuksembug.

And today, in day of its birth, I would like to remember this woman not only as about the ardent revolutionary whom she became since the most boyish years not about her participation in the underground organizations and other various, extensive revolutionary activity, not about its feats for the sake of the world proletariat and repeated sitting in prisons of the different countries Let all this will remain to

property and a subject of studying of historians, philosophers and political economists And I would like to tell about Rosa Luxemburg just as about the woman. What it was? Whether it is beautiful? Whether she was married whether it had children, a family? And what could induce absolutely young girl to become since early years on the way of hard fight and deprivations?

Rosa Luxemburg! Beautifully sounds - isn`t that so? At a sound of this magnificent name if to reject all revolutionary associations, it is possible to present some special, magnificent grade of roses, or even monumental cake with cream and all inconceivable bagatelles!

No, unfortunately, titbit Rosa never was. And even absolutely on the contrary - it was the ugly duckling who was not possessing even a hint on appetizing female forms at all. Small, nesklady, lame, with disproportionately big head and short legs - it was deprived at all any female delights and therefore, perhaps, its destiny developed exactly as it developed.

Whether owing to such appearance there was it that famous Violent Rosa - the feminist, the pioneer of modern European communism, that who stood at the origins of the Russian revolution and dictatorship of the proletariat what it knows it the whole world now, - if it was not fated to become it desired and favourite?

Been born on March 5, 1871 (according to other version - 1870) the fifth child in a well-founded Jewish family in the city of Zamostye (nowadays Zamosc), in the Russian Poland, the girl Rosalia already from a gymnasium brilliantly proved, and was always the first schoolgirl, but her scandalous ugliness introduced the amendments.

According to the researcher of life Rosa Luxemburg of Rolf Schneider, it is possible to tell that the destiny made destitute her three times: as the woman in society where men predominate as the Jew in an anti-Semitic environment and as the cripple. She was too small growth, limped, probably, owing to congenital defect. Her head was rather big for a small body. She tried to hide all these physical defects, wearing long spacious dresses and hats with wide fields what

A in general? What is represented to us at these words? The Jewish woman is, first of all, incarnate softness, feminity, a pliability, a cosiness and a support of a family - its smooth water, " vest; pillow and tasty lunch.

Well, and still of course, special quality of these women wisdom and a step thanks to which in families they are the first and main advisers of the husbands, children and grandsons are. Perhaps, Rosa would like to become same too, but

Beauty with it was replaced by sharp mind, passion and high, intense - on Lev Trotsky`s memoirs, - as a string, a voice which cut through rough protests of the Bavarian, baden and other opportunists. As they hated it! And as she despised them! Small growth and fragile addition, it towered on a congress tribune as incarnate thought of proletarian revolution .

Power of logic, power of sarcasm - here in what it surpassed bewitched opponents and enemies of the proletariat, exciting their fierce hatred to itself. As Trotsky emphasized, style of this ingenious woman was exact, sparkling and ruthless. Here what qualities along with distinguished fragility served as beauty to this woman as

In addition it as comprehensively gifted personality, had the undoubted literary gift. Perhaps, for this reason memory of it does not die away that cannot be told about her many revolutionary colleagues. Her love letters to Leo Iogishes, the companion on fight and the common-law husband, still cause interest and have invariable success in readers in the West that induces publishers to publish them again and again.

In the to love lyrics the ardent revolutionary and the convinced Marxist appears as the pensive little woman who is deeply feeling thin and romantic nature. By the way, Rosa never and with anybody did not consist in official marriage and had no children. Though once in her life there was a fictitious marriage with the German citizen when after moving to Germany it needed the German nationality. Revolution was the main and its favourite child, of course!

Her well-aimed statements differed always in aphoristic nature: Freedom is always freedom for the dissident , she said, and one more of the known aphorisms it predicted to itself destiny: I hope, - Rosa Luxemburg wrote, - to die at the post, at the street or in " prison; .

And it turned out: Rosa Luxemburg carried out all life in fight and when she together with Karl Liebknecht in January, 1919 headed revolt of the Berlin workers, after its suppression both of them were arrested and escorts, on the way to prison of Moabit killed extrajudicially.

For the time Rosa Luxemburg was an outstanding personality, and for descendants she forever will remain the woman who became history of labor movement as the hero - the revolutionary, inspiring and today politicians, artists and poets On its grave - always fresh flowers.

The Soviet government soon after revolution immortalized a name of Rosa Luxemburg in the name of streets and areas in each city of the country of Councils. In Kharkiv - the city where I live, in honor of it renamed one of central squares which was called Pavlovsk by name the merchant Saveli Pavlov who constructed big stone shop on this square before.

Approaches on March 8 - the International Women`s Day, and the fact that Rosa Luxemburg stood at the origins of feminism, played a role in the statement of this holiday. Idea to celebrate the International Women`s Day as an equality holiday, Klara Tsetkin stated, but the ally in fight - Rosa Luxemburg supported her. And therefore, probably, will be not so superfluous to us, dear readers to remember at the holiday table of these, in own way remarkable women.