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How to take away the second chin?

That is only not done by women to become even more more beautiful. Brutal mockery at, a name, to which - a bioepilation, to that a concrete example. There are, fortunately, also more pleasant procedures: SPA, massage, manicure eventually. Generally, as they say, for appearance all means and ways are good. Including plastic surgery.

This way is used most often by people to get rid of a pronounced double chin which did not decorate anybody yet. And it is a problem not only aged people and not only full. It is possible to return beauty to a neck and a chin and without intervention of surgeons. Here the main thing - patience, and speaking more simply, it is impossible to halyavit at all.

Several simple exercises are offered to your attention. Regularly they need to be carried out within a month if the case which is not absolutely started. If everything well is very bad, then it is necessary to work longer. By the way, you should not allocate certain time, this complex can be done, let us assume, in the course of preparation of a breakfast or in soul. Only you watch that nobody saw. You can not be understood!

So, exercise the first. Present that to a chin big freight which needs to be lifted is suspended. Slowly raise a chin, throwing back at the same time the head back and straining all muscles of a neck. It is necessary to do this exercise 5 - 6 times.

Exercise the second. With effort delay a lower lip down, so that the lower teeth became visible. Repeat 5 - 7 times.

Exercise the third. Enclose fists under a chin. Then, overcoming resistance of hands, open a mouth. Do this exercise of 7 - 10 times.

Exercise the fourth. Incline the head to the left, at the same time displace a jaw to the left shoulder. Repeat the same to the right. On 5 times in each party.

Exercise the fifth. Throw back the head back, at the same time pushing the lower jaw forward and up, trying to get as if a lower lip a nose tip. Repeat exercise of 5 times.

And last, sixth exercise. Press a palm to a breast slightly below than a clavicle and pull from top to bottom. Densely squeeze lips, having slightly rounded them in a tubule (as if you hold them a pencil). Record such situation for 3 - 5 seconds, then relax. It is necessary to repeat exercise on 10 - 20 times.

These exercises will help you to keep the chin in a form.

And some more recommendations. The following exercise is very useful for skin of a neck and a chin. It is necessary to be prepared for its performance: to dissolve a teaspoon of usual table salt in 2 liters of warm water. To wet a rigid towel in solution, to wring out, twist slightly zhgutiky and within 2 - 3 minutes slightly to tap with a towel, holding it for the ends with both hands, on a chin. This exercise not only helps to deal with the problem, but also generally positively influences a condition of skin.

Well, and in end one more council. Do not forget about creams. Area of a neck and chin - the most vulnerable zone. Often it gives true age of the woman. Longer to keep beauty of a neck and chin, it is necessary to help constantly them, them to feed . So, good cream is that it is necessary. Progress!