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Knights Templars and mysterious sarcophagus.

Knights Templars who as it is known went to Palestine deeply believing people and returned atheists are not all!!!

They (Templars) found a sarcophagus where there lives Jehovah - the creator of our world or the demiurge (the handicraftsman!) !

Well can compare of course Jehovah and Ego a sarcophagus to the count Dracula and his coffin with which he travels all over the world!

A can be compared to Mr. Mozes`s body from Hotel at the died climber Brothers Strugatsky - who read knows that it was the space suit because the newcomer Mr. Mozes could not live in our environment!!!

the Sarcophagus for Jehovah is also vital because Jehovah is absolute energy with a thin cover, and He as well as Mr. Mozes cannot live in our material world!!!

is possible they future masons (Templars) received the Power already then therefore both the master and the top officials of Templars offered themselves, undertook blow, but rescued a sarcophagus and took out to America - future center of a world order!!!

From here both self-confidence of the master and the come true damnations and easy death!

A by the way looked for a sarcophagus:

Withdrawal of infinite riches of Templars and a sarcophagus of Antichrist was one of tasks of royal investigators. However here they were waited by disappointment: the treasury was empty, in medal church there were no sacred vessels even. Talk went that for couple of days before arrest Tampl`s gate were left by carts, loaded hay somewhere. Why it was required to take out hay from Paris to the village, nobody reflected. And then to guess was already late. The same occurred in all France. Only in one komandorstvo it was succeeded to take in a relic chapel - the bronze head with the stored cranial bones of some Saint. Money of an award and a sarcophagus were gone completely.

Several words about Jehovah - it was pieces of chalk the demon who without having the status (as the magician`s pupil!) creates under himself the pocket world on the edge of the Universe and proclaims itself God!

Naturally Great Architect finds our world and Nam sends Christ Redeemer who was slandered before Templars!

From here all blasphemies of this award which changed true God for the power!!!