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In what appeal secret?

Appeal - natural gift or the trained skill? We continuously look at charismatic persons, and we do not even reflect from where this unrestrained attractiveness? They know on all hundred, what emotions and when they need to cause in people. They use the appeal, and we as the blinded slaves to beauty, are ready to look at them eternally. In what a secret of these divine creations? In the mother - the nature? It is unlikely. Though, maybe, partly. Attractive this world possess one, and even several Great secrets of appeal of which It is necessary to tell all and to make this world even more attractive.

Secrets of appeal are very simple and at first sight simple, however to comprehend their true essence, it is necessary to work much. And first of all over. To attract to itself the world, it is necessary to listen to one simple worldly wisdom: You want to change something - begin with yourself! It is the axiom working as the mechanism of the most expensive watch. The vector of its trajectory is directed accurately up and develops with a geometrical progression. It is a formula of vital success and credo of that person who is called the lucky and the favourite of destiny. Actually all greatest lucky are unbearable sloggers of life, the reins of the happiness which for a second are not letting out. And each of them will tell that happiness begins with itself.


Secret No. 1.

All ingenious is simple. And, as the geometrical progression, the Pyramid of Appeal begins with elementary - from good mood. The mood is the internal perception of which is constantly fluctuating depending on a set of different vital factors. To control this pendulum extraordinary difficult, but it is fantastically effective.

It is known that the first reception which the woman disarms is a smile. But it is worth thinking also that the man`s smile is not less attractive and charming. Clever men safely use it and know that they do not progadat, radiantly smiling and looking to the woman fixedly in eyes. The smile and always excellent mood gives an absolute guarantee of pleasant communication with people. The smiling person stimulates with the smile of people around. It is infectious. Why sometimes the type of the smiling person on the street raises a smile even if he smiles not to you? Because the pleasure is a secret of appeal.

Fun, laughter and a scintillating look will never leave indifferent the most inveterate pragmatist and the puritan. Other question that not always it turns out to rejoice and please with itself others. And at such moments it is necessary to get it together and to artificially make active good mood. Someone will tell: artificiality is an insincerity and lie, and falsity cannot attract. But the essence of a secret is that the good mood can not just learn, and to get to like it and to become the most thorough optimist. From there is first conclusion: it is worth beginning with a positive!

Secret No. 2.

And still, smiling and standing on one place, to attract long it will not turn out. It is necessary to do something. History, as well as the present surrounding us, always allocates from society of individuals whose names at all on lips, and works and achievements are known or in a circle of the microcosm or in all this world. We still call them lucky. History and mass media set them the leadership seal. Why? The leader - the person who is known listen and if do not esteem then respect. It attracts. Its secret is hidden in a born core of character. And not in values which he professes and behind which conducts the others, and in unusual on force and power of activity which loads and moves human progress forward.

Activity - one more secret of appeal. It is shown in everything, from sports activities and gold medals before public performances and loud speeches for millions of the benevolent listeners ready to believe and follow. So the religion arose. So the Empire was under construction. Wars were so waged and the peace were made. Everything began with one person. From the leader. In turn the leader cannot just remain sitting on one place, cannot just exist. He always sets before itself(himself) the purposes, draws strategy and goes on the planned way. And it does not say at all that it manages everything easily. By no means! However the infinite chain of barriers and defeats only multiplies desire and strengthens character, and does a cherished dream more valuable and essential. It does not lower a hand? Yes. To it blasting activity, and still does not give it to make good mood which always in harmony with the movement. So, on a question: what I want, the answer one - I it will make!

Secret No. 3.

There now! Actively smiling person - is beautiful! And still when his mouth is full of decayed teeth, from his smile badly smells, and the appeal coefficient promptly gives down. Awfully! The thinnest and deeply philosophical question concerning mankind from time immemorial and attracting most strongly - beauty. Beauty of an external cover, the visible human being, what attracts at first sight, and bewitches forever. A question in which, apparently, women are well grounded, but women also suffer from it most. The mania to be attractive often develops into paranoia, and ridiculous attempts to keep up with beauty dictated from the outside crown deep depressions and the movement considerably to the opposite side. What not so? And what should be looked more attentively in a mirror and to notice what is actually, but not to think out to itself a new image.

Beauty is very individual, and here health and accuracy is that it is possible to make with own hands. Beautiful people attract madly. On them turn around on the street, with a sinking heart watch on TV, delightfully sigh, opening before them doors, immediately answer questions and execute any their whims. Not for nothing speak, beauty - terrible force. It is one of fundamental and at the same time illusory secrets of appeal. Those who consider that they beautiful are born, but do not become, are deeply mistaken. Always to be in shape, to have healthy complexion and clean hair are a riddle for wise men? Sometimes it seems that indeed. And all because to be beautiful - not less heavy work, than to build the Empire or to save the World. Women will understand me!

Secret No. 4.

And whether happens so what beautiful people are similar on dolls, and their external beauty seems only an artificial space suit, a certain carnival mask which and wants to be broken? And often under a doll mask - pitch emptiness and darkness. And here so there is a wish to remind of one invaluable secret of appeal - beauty internal. Not all understand how this beauty is attractive. It is not evident, does not shout, is not stuck out. It is hidden under a veil of simple acts and words which in most cases tell us much more about the person, than his external data. It is delightful to listen to the person when he speaks in undertones. Impressively, when it is ready to support conversation on any subject, from Secret of the Egyptian Pharaohs to problems of an economic situation in Tunisia. It is pleasant, eventually, when the man gets up from - for a table when the woman rises, offers her a hand, gives flowers and tells the truth, and the woman always remains womanly and modest, weak and graceful. All this is from within, it is from the childhood, from books and from the resistant vital values which are constantly fed with invaluable food for mind and soul.

It seems that it seems and all. All secrets are opened, cards are lit, masks are torn off. Nothing is new. The accurate ideal which just does not exist in human nature was drawn. But it is great that it nevertheless is, and, so is what to aspire to. And it is not important that on it the whole life can leave. At all logicality and a harmony of such termination, there was everything - which - that else what not to tell about would be big deception.

All secrets of appeal, anyway, are connected among themselves. All of them - facet integrity of the person. But, as well as the medal has two parties, and the human essence has dark sides. And what to hide, without the evil there would be no good, as without darkness - light. And at people. Sometimes we are so greedy for different mucks, we follow bad advice, we are excited from changes and provocations, we throw down challenges to destiny and ourselves, we unleash wars. Why? Yes because it so attracts!

Danger, risk and glory, and still money, sex and advertizing attracts. And receiving one of these pleasures, people feels that unearthly pleasure which is called happiness. Means, not everything is so good and lusciously ideal? Exactly. Ideals - only icons on which pray. People - the unique creations capable to create improbable things. And to become attractive or to make attractive the life - the invention which is worth it to fight and dream.

So in what sense? I think, in harmony, in balance good and bad, in balance of impulses from heart and from the head, and, of course, in infinite charisma of life!