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How to begin to play billiards? Ask

many athletes that for them billiards. What all in a voice will answer: It is not sport! It is life! Of course, not all are ready that will begin to spend all the time in a billiard room. But billiards - magnificent pastime!

In Soviet period billiards, as well as gamblings, secretly was considered as semi-criminal occupation. Yes remember many movies of the Soviet period where the billiard table anyway appeared: there it was always talked of bandits, swindlers and just people, dishonest. Unfortunately, this remnant so up to the end is also not eradicated. The relation to this game became warmer, but vigilance remained. How in a joke about silver spoons, you remember?

That it actually billiards and how to fight against it?

For a start to overcome with

in itself rejection. Reasons a little. About the first you see above. And the second besides from the speech of players: You want to recognize the person - play with him three games of billiard . Not only that game learns to understand people, psychology of the relations, so also helps to be trained in discipline and control of own emotions.

Convinced? We are going to club. What? Any! It is so far, of course, any, later everyone chooses and to liking, and on the level of the billiard equipment, and on a pocket. The ubiquitous Internet will help with it.

What it to be necessary for us for game? Two hands, head, desire, patience and free time. Got? Then the following step - we decide on a type of game. The most widespread in Russia - a pool and Russian. In brief about both versions. The pool is dynamics. Therefore it is especially popular with youth and with absolutely young fans of billiards. But, certainly, people of any age and a floor are trained in game in a pool.

There is an opinion that a pool - simpler game, than Russian. However not all will be ready to divide this statement. In what simplicity of a pool? Table, small in comparison with the Russian billiards, small spheres and big billiard pockets. Therefore clogging becomes simpler task, than in Russian. For absolutely uninitiated: spheres in a bullet color (striped and one-color), a bitok white. At the beginning of game expose a pyramid: a triangle which top has to be on one of table marks. Bitok is put on the second down grade. Chock the pyramid and if breaking could pocket some sphere, then all party such spheres - striped or monophonic breaks - and will be it. After definition of spheres a sphere of the rival it is impossible to touch with the first - at once a penalty. If the player hammers a sphere of the rival or a bitok, or one of spheres took off from a table, then the opponent exposes a bitok in any convenient for it on a table the place. Defeat is set off if to hammer a black sphere to all the spheres. The described game - Nine . There are some more versions: Eight 14+1, Or a pool with continuation .

Russian billiards, according to many, - game of unusual beauty and equipment. It is slightly more difficult to be trained in it, than a pool: both spheres are larger, and it is less billiard pocket, and the table is big. All same pyramid from white spheres is broken red. Further chock any sphere can act. If the blow is executed correctly, then all spheres which fell in billiard pockets are set off. An essence - to hammer with the first eight spheres. There is a system of penalties at the wrong after game, but art of an after game comes over time. Play in American the most widespread kind of Russian, in Russian pyramid and Moscow pyramid .

Decided on a type of billiards, it is time to start. It is the best of all to begin, as well as in fitness - club, from search of the trainer. Without it not all attempts to learn will lead to success. The real trainer teaches how precisely to hammer others sphere and to control a bitok (its exit under the following sphere). The trainer helps to master the correct rack, equipment of blow and tactical knowledge among which a considerable role is played by the theory.

According to billiard-players, it is possible to study game all life. If it is pleasant and it will begin to turn out, then you will open for yourself a new most fascinating type of leisure to extreme old age. You do not fear to begin training in game in billiards. It is proved: everyone is capable to comprehend science of this game whether quicker whether more slowly

Working as the editor of the billiard magazine, I am repeatedly Valence - nolens held business meetings in a billiard room. I will tell one surely: such favorable atmosphere for business management it is difficult to find. Playing, the person becomes himself, himself real, and it is simpler to it to find a common language with an environment. And how just to fall in love! The two-three of effectively hammered spheres - and the young man draws attention of a female half. Pleasant conversation and unostentatious training - the girl is almost subdued. And no computer will replace pleasant real-life communication!

Councils for the choice of a cue - in following article.