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What to prepare from sub-standard products? Anti-recessionary cookery of

we will agree At once: about absolutely spoiled products, rotten and mouldy, we will not speak. It will be a question what lost a look and fresh taste, for example, because was bought too much and lay too long - did not deteriorate it seems, but directly there is no wish to use any more. It is possible to throw out of course, as they say - out of sight, out of mind, but, times not they are products to be scattered and it is not good. For example - stale bread which the family refuses to eat, of course, the good hostess will make of it croutons - i.e. will transfer to a new qualitative product.

Here we will also talk about this new quality. In addition we will save on purchased sweets, it is not known from what prepared yet, and at the same time we will fill the house with aromas of newly-baked delicacies. It is no secret that on a ladder or even at an entrance, having guessed a smell of pechenost, the husband and children hurry with hope home - and suddenly it at us?

So what we can find, sorting, for example a case or the refrigerator?

Here - overlooked, and jam subsour . You do not hurry to throw out - just from it very tasty cake will turn out.

to Pound 1 egg with 1 Art. of sugar, 1 glass of jam, 0. 5 h l. soda, 1 Art. of kefir to add 0. 5 Art. of vegetable oil or 3 tablespoons of the kindled creamy. To pour about 3 glasses of flour of the cocoa mixed from 3 tablespoons. Dough has to turn out slightly more densely, than on fritters. To bake at a temperature of 180 degrees of 40 minutes.

And here - cottage cheese , to the husband at work (for harm) were given at once by five packs (!) one was eaten at once, the second for the next day, and the others all the same remained. We will make vkusnyushchy cookies of such starovaty cottage cheese. It is that eat for one evening.

I Will give easily memorable norm which can be increased or reduced: 500 gr. cottage cheese, 500 gr. margarine or oil, it is possible not absolutely standard, 0 too. 5 h l of soda, 5 Art. of flour.

we Knead dough, for an hour we leave, and then we do kisses for this purpose we put the circle which is cut out by a wine glass in half and once again in half, the top is dipped in sugar which can be mixed with cinnamon, the vanillin pounded by nuts. To bake at a temperature of 200 degrees of minutes of 10 - 15. It is better to glance, degree of readiness is visible at once.

The second option - besides the above-named products to add 2 yolks to dough, and to beat 2 egg whites in dense white foam with sugar. To roll dough with layer, to grease with proteinaceous cream and to curtail roll. Then roll to slice 1 - 1. 5 cm. to lay out them on a baking sheet, like rosettes.

If process of preparation of cookies seems long - we will make cottage cheese cake. So - include an oven by 180 degrees. While it is warmed, 2 packs of cottage cheese (it is even better if it slightly podkisnt) it is kneaded, we add approximately smetanka, mayonnaise, we add 0. 5 h l. soda. Separately we force down 3 eggs with a glass of sugar, we pour out in cottage cheese, everything is well stirred - thinnish weight turned out. We pour a glass of a semolina into it and for 20 minutes it is left. Already and the oven was warmed, and we need only several moments - 3 - 4 tablespoons of flour, finally to mix everything - and in a form (it is better with a hole inside).

Such secret - that cake was taken out easily, oil a form and strew with a semolina, a thin layer. This miracle of 40 minutes is concerned. At once from an oven do not take out, let will stand in switched off even minutes 10. Tasty both hot and cold.

Or such situation - in a pack there was a little cottage cheese or a syrochka. Where to put? In donuts!

for this purpose 2 eggs, 1 tablespoon of cottage cheese and 3 tablespoons of sugar to pound in homogeneous mass. To add a soda pinch, it is a little salt and 1 Art. of flour. Usually I put 2 - 3 norms of products since a family not small and with appetite. To knead dough, to put for half an hour in the refrigerator. By a teaspoon it is spread on a plate with flour and accurately we form balls. It is necessary to fry them in the boiling oil, i.e. in hot fan. Unusually tasty donuts turn out!

From strongly sour of kefir, milk or sour cream , we do fritters - a festival of soul!

the Secret here that - liter of weight we put 0 on a floor. The 5th teaspoon of soda, we pour from above flour and we leave for an hour or about that. Then we mix 1 shaken-up egg or a little warm water with 1 incomplete teaspoon of salt and 2 h l. sugar. So fritters of neutral taste will turn out, you want more with pleasure - add more sugar. It is possible to replace it with honey, it will turn out even more tasty. We knead flour not really dense and not strongly liquid dough. At the end we add sunflower oil - 1 - 2 tablespoons. We stir and bake on the warmed frying pan. Better on teflon that turned out not too fat.

Crumbs - polomashka of different cookies were found - and it is a pity to throw out, and is not conveniently. Dorazmalyvayem all in a crumb, but not in powder. We fry nutlets, it is better walnut, we grind them too, I do it by a rolling pin, it is possible via the meat grinder. If there are candied fruits, it is possible to add also them. Now in this weight, (it is better in a high bowl) we add condensed milk. At first it is more, and then in the small portions to seize the opportunity when weight becomes bonding - not dry, breaking up and not liquid. A spoon or just moist hands we take a small portion and skatyvay a ball. It can be rolled in in addition in coconut or chocolate flakes. We put everything on a board or a plate, and then - in the refrigerator, on the coldest shelf. In 2 - 3 hours balls will cease to stick - the delicacy is ready!

Today spoke about delicacies, and next time I will tell that to make of a brine, soft pickles, the overripe vegetable marrows and carrots.

For now - I hope my councils will be useful.

Bon appetit, also you remember - from fancy bread become kinder :).