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Where give dreams? History third

Whatever the person conceived, he can reach it . (N. Element Stone)

Whatever the mind of man can conceive, it can achieve . (N. Element Stone)

over all history of Mankind on our planet many destructive wars and tragedies happened. The cause is various social system of the states and, as a result, a difference of opinion and in outlook of people. But it is much more World on Earth, than wars, and the Person - a being reasonable also have the right to dispose of the destiny, including - the right of freedom for movement.

Actually, a quarter of the population of Earth is dissatisfied with the states. For comparison, nowadays in Iran 30% of potential emigrants, live in Great Britain and Germany - on 27%, in Israel - 20% in France - 18%, in Japan - 12%. For today progress of a freedom of movement, and already more is observed than to forty countries of the world citizens of Russia can leave without registration of the visa.

In our country the policy of gradual return to Russia and the help to the compatriots who are in emigration is pursued. In May, 2007 merging of ROC of MT about RPTsZ (which center is in the USA) which removed according to Vladimir Putin took place, the last obstacles for restoration of the lost unity of all Russian world .

One of bright representatives of emigrants fourth wave Talyshinsky Rasheed Musayevich - is scientific (Doctor of Chemistry), the philosopher and the poet, the writer, the singer and the composer. He was born on December 20, 1949 in Moscow. Since 1971 he is married to Rokhlina Marina Leonidovna who from the very beginning of a joint way supports it in all undertakings to this day. Two wonderful, equally beloved daughters - Maya and Camilla grew up. Since 1997 with a family Beer - Shev lives in Israel, in.

I am same as all of us and as each of us.

Ya as all of us, I breathe and I love and I suffer.

In R. Talyshinsky`s life always and steadily only two positions - Science and the Muse were priority. So, who is he is a chemist or the lyric poet? The periods one was important, in other time outweighed a bowl of scales - the second. And, nevertheless, both of them, two of its paths, created balance between lyrics and research science. Therefore as he speaks, modifying V. Mayakovsky, " a little; you can not be the scientist, but to be obliged by the poet. Otherwise all inventions will go for war, in the evil .

Scary word war... But behind night morning always follows. On May 9 - the Victory Day, very important holiday in Talyshinsky` family. His father in 17 years left the volunteer on the front, in antiaircraft troops protected approaches to the capital.

Rasheed`s parents got acquainted in post-war years. The father is a veteran, the young lieutenant, studied in Moscow, in Voyenno - legal academy, and mother - the student of medical institute. Got married in three years. The birthplace of Rasheed on some regularity, it was Model Maternity Hospital of Grauerman in Moscow on Kalininsky Avenue. In this maternity hospital many famous bards were born.

Of course, twice the river not to enter,

Will return everything, but somehow in a different way,

But is a freedom of choice of a way,

On a vital nice album...

Upon termination of Military Academy of the father brought into Tbilisi where Talyshinsky` family lived from 1951 to 1961. The father, in the bosom of the family, where close friends and the family often gathered, liked to sing songs of military years, and Rasheed with pleasure sang along with him. Parents early distinguished talent and desire to practise music in the son. The case was provided and they showed it to the teacher who is living in the neighbourhood and having houses, the rare tool on that time - a piano. But it, having listened to the boy, refused to lead lessons, having referred to absence of ear for music. Parents were upset, but believed the professional. And literally in few months Rasheed went to school. And then, the special city commission, one of the few, selected him in children`s chorus, having disproved hasty conclusions and it became a pleasant surprise for Talyshinsky` couple.

The boy was pleasant to be engaged in chorus and, even solfeggio, so unloved in almost all children a subject, he visited with pleasure.

Light has no end and there is no beginning: I trust

Ya in the parallel worlds.

History saw

Since that mesozoic simple time much.

The atmosphere of Tbilisi disposed to poetic creativity. From the morning to late evening music from everywhere sounded. At preschool age Rasheed wrote the first verses, imitating Pushkin, the favourite poet of the grandfather Ismail who the first noticed poetic abilities in the teenager. To 12 - ti to years the boy decided on the style and then learned to play the guitar. And verses, being born in his head, obviously sounded as the song that could not but cause parental pride of the son.

In several years of the father Rasheed, then already the colonel of the Soviet Army, transferred to Baku and all family moved to the new place of dislocation. The country revived literally from the ashes, qualified specialists were necessary. Rasheed sank in music, but at that time it could seem, let and serious, but nevertheless, only hobby. Somehow, occasionally, in 15 - summer age, he read in one of magazines how a certain Italian scientist tries to make the person in a flask... . The question before the choice of further education disappeared at one o`clock by itself.

In 60 - x in the world heated discussion of a problem of cloning began. Biochemistry as the subject, at that time was not yet and therefore Rasheed, having successfully graduated from school in 1966, gave preference to chemistry, having come on chemical faculty to Azineftekhim. In 1978 protected candidate, and in 1992 - doctor`s on physical chemistry.

Rasheed Musayevich studied, protected, without letting go a guitar, and it is good it having mastered, even wrote the guide to training of playing a guitar. In process of enthusiasm for work and love for life, there were verses and music as quarrystone - in the songs he tried to inform listeners of all that could already comprehend.

All know from quantum physics,

That there live electrons on a cloud,

On family units are scattered,

in Couple sleep by Paulie`s Principle there.

In R. Talyshinsky strikes and versatility of his talent causes respect... Departure to Israel was preceded by one hundred essential works on chemistry, 20 patents and couple of let-out doctoral candidates. In Israel Rasheed trained for a new profession and began to deal with issues of biotechnology, oceanology and hematology. And only then since 1997, it closely adjoined to DNA problems. Later again addressed chemistry and was engaged in own ecological project.

For the life R. Talyshinsky mastered several national cultures and world languages. But, teaching in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION of Israel in Hebrew, often passes to English, and prefers Russian. Russian on which thinks, writes, sings and can transfer all the deepest shades of mood and intimate thoughts.

Dreams at times prophetic happen. We a little all trust

in dreams.

B them dream, reminiscence thaw,

As a snowflake in a prediction of spring...

The strongest immersion in itself is a nostalgia on time. The multinationality of the Union of the republics was one of positive sides of sovetstky reality. Rasheed was born in Moscow, studied and grew up in Tbilisi (Georgia) and Baku (Azerbaijan), spent vacation in Zagorsk (Russia) situated near Moscow, lives in Israel, often is in Moscow, communicates with poets on the Internet and with admirers on tours worldwide.

All of us perfectly remember that the author`s song as the movement - as opposed to hard rock in 90 - x - a storm rushed on all territory of the former Soviet Union and as if on a breath of fresh air scattered to each our house. At first the truth on kitchen, and then and on the street, together with Bulat Okudzhava and Vladimir Vysotsky`s voice.

For Rasheed the meeting with Sergey and Tatyana Nikitinymi in Israel became the brightest impressions. The muse attracts and accompanies it on life and every year is more and more persistent. Since 2000 the poet cooperates in song creativity and with other authors, and in 2007 Rasheed made the decision and devoted himself to the most fully poetic and composer creativity.

Following influence of time, most of readers left from mass media papers and moved surely and for a long time to the Internet. The wind of change concerned also R. Talyshinsky`s creativity. Its verses and songs began to sound on many of available portals of a network without borders. One of his darlings and the popular websites is Stikhofon (virtual theater). For today Talyshinsky published more than 170 musical compositions and several prosaic works. It is most known it East fairy tale in prose, narrating about times of the khan Batyya.


I, with each generation, come to any millennium again and again,

of Tvorenya revive these stanzas,

Giving to us hope and love.

In the Internet - networks are remarkable Club - community STIHODELIKA where Rasheed closely cooperates with his founder N. Dering and which rallied almost at once around itself the best representatives of an author`s song. The community moved apart a virtual framework and " for a long time; jumped out in real, representing the uncommon creativity in the central clubs of Moscow. On often spent evenings, in cozy halls and with enviable constancy, romances of a silver age, author`s works of the century which left and absolutely new songs, but all in the same nice traditions sound, and the movement already has the international character.