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Whether paid services at school are lawful?

the Short answer to this question - yes, but under a number of conditions. Besides, there are restrictions on the order of reception of payment of these services - only a bank transfer on the settlement account of school. Any payments by cash to the director, the class teacher, the representative of parental committee - violation.

This order is stated in ministerial instructions, and often and in orders of departments of education on places.

What paid lessons are lawful

First and the main condition - paid open classrooms, special courses, circles, sections should not be obligatory. Such occupations cannot enter the main class timetable - only in the second half of day. Besides, a condition of rendering paid services - existence in school and free additional classes.

The school has to sign the contract with all parents whose children use paid services. Personally with parents, but not with parental committee as it is practiced by some directors. All derogations from this order - violation.

Voluntarily - forcibly

One of ways to make additional classes actually obligatory - blackmail. For example, in initial classes paid lessons of English are entered. Parents are warned that children who will not go to these classes in middle classes should learn German. At one of the Moscow schools where set such condition, the price of one lesson more than twice exceeded school hours cost with teachers - carriers in the nearest branch of the international private language school.

Also complaints of parents are frequent that by paid do an obligatory subject which is included into the main schedule.

One more way - so-called internal tutoring . When the teacher underestimates it to the pupil of an assessment until parents do not begin to pay additional classes at the teacher or his colleague to whom that will point. The last option is known from Soviet period and then was called cross-pollination : the teacher recommended to parents of the tutor from other school, and itself for a payment brought up pupils of this colleague.

Not an exception frank terror of the pupil which continues until then when parents do not pay. The first grader`s mother who called edition of one of the Moscow newspapers told that the teacher of her son at all class declared: Time your parents cannot pay, so they bums and drunkards . And even arranged at game lessons in which derided physical defects of pupils - defaulters .

It is known from Soviet period of the practician of actually obligatory contributions to a gift to the teacher. And those years some at the same time were not over-modest, sounding wishes that was would like to be received by the next public holiday or by the Teachers` Day. Well and now everything depends directly on personal installations of the specific teacher.

In a bouquet of flowers to Birthday, the Teachers` Day or actually does not have on March 8 crime. Love the teacher when they are given flowers, and work at them hard and, alas, generally low-paid. Relative exception unless Moscow. And earnings of skilled capital teachers began to reach 45, and even 60 thousand rubles a month only not so long ago and not everywhere. So not a sin to make to the person pleasant if the teacher good. But here all the rest - already an excess.

Existence or lack of the place for the specific child at school which is considered prestigious, sometimes depends on readiness of parents to make charitable contribution (in Moscow its sizes can make about two thousand dollars). At the same time, most likely, it is not necessary to bear in an office an envelope with cash - will just hand the completed receipt which should be paid in bank. If the director in the old manner accepts an envelope, there is no guarantee that notes in it will not be marked, and OBEP right there will not rush into an office.

However, in Ukraine such technology of reception of bribes was used also by militiamen. In 90 - e years of the last century in Kharkiv the " fund appeared; Law and order charitable contributions in which became an indispensable condition of the solution of problematic issues, for example, at registration of the international passport.

How to protect the child

At any conflict of the pupil with the teacher including on the financial soil, psychologists recommend to parents to talk for a start with the teacher. The main thing - to talk quietly. " option; to go to swear only will spoil business: any your roughness and even simple increase of a voice surely is used against you.

If conversation with the teacher does not help, to go to the principal. And if does not solve a problem and this visit - in department of education.

In department of education it is necessary to report also about all violations of the order of collection of payment for additional services described here.

In many regions carry out constant or periodic telephone hot " lines; including concerning requisitions. Their phones usually publish in local newspapers, post on the websites of city and regional governments of education. Indicative floggings of guilty persons - up to dismissal become result of such actions usually.

At the worst, it is possible to send to department of education the registered mail with the assurance of receipt. In it it is necessary accurately, without emotions to state an essence of a problem and to ask to take measures. Are obliged to answer within a month from the moment of receiving. In the text will not be superfluous to remind that the law on addresses of citizens forbids to send these appeals to the local organizations which actions are appealed .

If and it did not help

, your right to address to federal supervision agency in education.