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How there was a tetris?

are well familiar to All of us a word meaning Tetris - it is game which main task is forming of ranks by means of figures of an Ancient Greek puzzle tetramino. Since 2000, the annual championships on the Tetris in which representatives of many countries of the world participate are held. However not everyone knows history of creation of this over popular game.

A began all in 1975 when the book of the famous American mathematician Solomon Wolfe Golomba " was issued; half-imino representing the collection of logical tasks with use of figures of a puzzle tetramino. The book gained such popularity in the USSR that since 1976 in the " magazine; Science and Life there was a section devoted to drawing up and the solution of similar puzzles. Hundreds of Soviet mathematicians and programmers were fond of the invention of new problems and variations of addition of simple figures. And here, in 1985, the first prototype of a tetris - the program for the " computer was born in the cold June evening; Electronics - 60 written by Alexey Pazhitnov. The computer center of Academy of Sciences of the USSR where Alexey Leonidovich worked, dealt at that time with problems of artificial intelligence and recognition of the speech. Pazhitnov the first thought up to use for processing of ideas of a figure pentamino, however, there was not enough power of processors of those of years for processing of figures of five types, and they had to be replaced tetramino. One of the tasks which rose before the scientist was to automate laying tetramino in the set combinations. And the idea of a tetris that figures fell was born, and the filled ranks disappeared.

In half a year after the publication the program was processed for IBM PC (the first personal computer) by the sixteen-year-old school student Vadim Gerasimov, still after a while is adapted by the Hungarian programmers for different platforms, including, and for pocket electronic toys well familiar to us.

After long war for copyright in 1996 to Pazhitnov together with American Hank Rogers was succeeded to register the word Tetris as a trademark and to create the The Tetris Company LLC company having individual rights for sale of licenses for release of the well-known game.

Is also interesting to note that in a basis of the well-known, easily recognizable melody from game the Russian national song " laid down; Karabeyniki shifted at first in eight - and then, in sixteen - and thirty-two-bit system.

passed 13 years Since then. Having won the whole world, the Tetris moved from a bulky toy in mobile phones, personal and pocket computers, the Internet - space. Since then millions of the most difficult and most interesting games were thought up. But, all the same, however many passed years and what would not be offered to us by developers, favourite and only, very first forever there will be a tetris - the best invention of mankind.