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What rights are guaranteed to women by the Labour code of the Russian Federation?

on March 8 today are perceived by the majority as a romantic holiday - the holiday of spring and love addressed to women. However if to address history, then its emergence was promoted by not peace and lyrical events. The holiday arose as day of fight for the rights of women. This day in 1857 - York workers of garment and shoe factories demanded to enter into New for them 10 - the hour working day instead of 16 - tichasovy, to organize light and dry workplaces and to pay a salary, equal with men.

Fight history for equality proceeded not one decade and, perhaps, did not end to this day. Before the woman was not especially considered somehow as the person: neither the rights to choose, nor the rights for worthy compensation, nor state. providing motherhood

A as concept person in public consciousness was associated strictly with the man, probably, and decided that women who want that they were recognized as full-fledged people - dream to turn into men. And how differently to achieve respect of personal advantage?

First of all women tried to obtain equality in the sphere of work. And in many respects achieved. In our country their gains were legalized, for example, by the new Labour code of the Russian Federation. It is necessary to notice that the former law made thrifty use of women more, but justice triumphed.

One of achievements - the woman was balanced with men in the right to work in the conditions having an adverse effect on health.

If the former version the Labour Code of the Russian Federation forbade to apply work of women on a hard work and at works with harmful conditions, and also at underground works (excepting cases of sanitary or consumer services), then the new Code in article 253 such works simply limits . But at night women can work without restrictions. Imperceptibly also the norm on a duty of the new owner to hire the woman who is in a maternity leave at bankruptcy of her enterprise

However disappeared, legislators showed care of the pregnant women and women having children aged till one and a half years: now they cannot establish a trial period at employment. Thanks to it it will be easier for future and recent mothers to find work.

The new Labor Code of the Russian Federation presented to women more freedom of choice - and at the same time more reasons for communication with the administration. So, now the ban on application of night, overtime works and the direction in business trips of the pregnant women and women having children under three years remained acting only for pregnant women.

Other women have the right to refuse in writing the similar

proposal of the chief. However, if to consider how it can be reflected in their labor situation hardly anyone - that will want to spoil the relations with the management and to declare that it will not work in this day off.

If the pregnant woman or the woman with the small child wants to pass to easier and less dangerous work, or to reduce norms of work, then now it is possible only at its written statement - the law does not oblige the employer something to change on own initiative. Though if to face the truth, I think similar cases of unit - really the ideal worker will ask to remove excess freight from his shoulders?

However, equality managed to achieve not in everything. In total - some more preferential rights remained for the woman - nobody cancelled a maternity leave, the right for the holiday similar to a maternity leave for adoptive parents, the right for the next holiday before or right after a maternity leave. Though there were already rudiments of equality in a type of the right to work during stay on holiday on care of the newborn child

Eksperty in the field of shots note that they under equal conditions pay women about 60 - 70% of the level of a salary of the man in the same position. With it of course, it is possible to argue. But so at us it was moved that the man is perceived as a family the supporter and therefore has to earn 10 times more.

And maybe, happiness at all not in equality, and in that the woman could feel like the woman, and the man the man?! And everyone at the same time remained a person?