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When there comes the doomsday? Be afraid of

, Shkolyzhizni`s readers! Be afraid and tremble! The ghost does not wander about roads of Europe any more, the ghost soars over all of us! A name to it - a doomsday!!!

Br - r - river. So there is no wish to be the witness and the participant of the events finishing our civilization. Frankly speaking, it is also believed a little that there will be it in the near future. On the other hand, objectively we are sure, the end to all real is predetermined sooner or later. The unity of these opposite beliefs forces to tremble deep strings of soul from time to time, and some, in vain hope to escape, even moves to practical actions, most of fellow citizens obscure.

Last year mankind packed suitcases waiting for collision with HZ51 asteroid. It is not important that the probability of such outcome did not exceed one chance from six million. At least one and was - chance. Today, having taken rest and having calmed down, it is only possible to remember a cancelled apocalypse.

The Large Hadron Collider has huge unrealized potential? An excellent opportunity for announcement of an awful event. It is a pity, scientists pumped up, everything at them is not got on, and therefore start date of the end everything moves. However, why it is a pity? Until nobody in is sure, it is possible to make further a name and money on human fears.

To a doomsday which arrival is appointed to different dates and it is caused by the different reasons, leaders of a set of sects urge to prepare. In only one USA their nearly seven hundred. People are attracted with a simple postulate - our belief true therefore when there comes the world chaos, only our followers will escape. For now the apocalypse did not come, bear to us the savings and property which we will spend for a good cause rescue of neighbors.

Such financial pyramid with the mystical basis. Ensuring its functioning occupied many people, receiving the piece of pie. Speak, even the special magazine is issued Messages on the end of time .

In other countries passions not of smaller heat boil. Kenyan followers Yahweh`s Houses built underground bunkers with water-supplies and products. The purpose - to overstay underground dashing time. Something similar occurred also in the Penza region. Money, however, at domestic sectarians appeared less, it is or perhaps simple to build shelters were not able, here and it was necessary to be evacuated urgently, without having waited for the planned date.

Weighty preventions of science join howls of homebrew shamans and guru. The next date - already mentioned collider in Switzerland. If does not carry with it - relay will be accepted by the Russian researchers. At them by 2013 - 2014 launch of the similar accelerator in Dubna is planned.

Approximately in the same time considerable excess of internal temperature of a solar kernel from which the star, undoubtedly, will blow up is expected. What to do - that we will be? The researches showing that temperature of the Sun grows at unprecedented rates were the cause for such forecast. 11 years ago it was twice lower.

It will not turn out in 2013 - m, will come 2014 - y. Here - that for certain will absorb Earth acid fog which was found by NASA. Astronomers claim that this cloud of space dust stretching for ten million miles and which arose from a black hole from which to our favourite planet of everything is navsy 28 thousand light years. Everything that gets to it vanishes in a cloud, and his feelers will reach us exactly to 2014 - mu to year.

If suddenly and acid fog to us appears at all, then on April 13, 2029 it is necessary to get acquainted with 400 - a meter asteroid of 99942 Apophis. According to other data the meeting will take place a bit later, in 2036, but that impresses - all - on April 13.

However, against consequences of global warming collision with an asteroid looks even humanely. Went off with a bang just once - and everything, tortures ended. Quite another matter with climatic cataclysms.

Hunger, shortage of fresh water, sharp reduction under the pressure of the ocean of the area of sushi, a drought and the pouring rains, hurricanes and diseases, wars caused by shortcomings of resources - here components of the scenarios developed by predictors with scientific diplomas. And all this is stretched for many years. You esteem and cease to be surprised to reckless suicides of sectarians.

The most optimistic forecast was submitted by scientists from observatory of the European space association. Somewhere in far are far space they found collision of two groups of galaxies with billions of stars. The energy wave from explosion will cover Solar system through couple of billions years. Here then precisely all together we will evaporate. If we live.

Good luck and good mood!