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What products need to be eaten for appearance?

Spring, spring everywhere! And for some reason to this season there is a wish to be beautiful, more than ever. What we can be helped by food with that later winters to make our complexion natural? How with their help it is possible to leave from a skin blednota? What needs to be eaten that our body became impregnated with energy and that we, of course, lost the weight?

All these questions concern women after several months of cold and absence of the sun, and it is normal. But something getting hungry not just, and it from what appetite in a food preparation time would be played. Also there is a wish to have breakfast, dinner or supper not just dietary, and there is a wish to become, first of all, after reception of any food by the most beautiful and desired! And not to reproach itself then for the eaten piece something tasty. For those who want to be rather very best, open surprising secrets of healthy, tasty and beautiful food.

There is no wish to give on arms standard recipes for weight loss, for example, the recipe of soup from cabbage. In - the first, it really is not absolutely appetizing, and in - the second, after the first preparation such soup hardly soon still will want to be cooked. I will not begin to lift recipes and on preparation of cream soup, for example, from broccoli since such soup everything is on lovers...

But there is a wish to recommend various small loafs and mineral water for meal. In total through a two-three of days such dry and a little fast food - and result you will see on the scales! Minus 2 - 3 kg in 2 - 3 days - unless it are bad? Still I recommend grain flakes (it is desirable unsweetened) with milk of low fat content: couple of days of such diet suffices - and you are full of strength also energy in spite of the fact that the organism fine dumps all superfluous!

Among the general recommendations: refuse coffee and black tea, and you pass to herbal teas, and it is even better - on green tea. Numerous researches proved that green tea stimulates burning of calories and helps to cope with fatty deposits. Besides, this drink possesses anti-inflammatory action.

Do not forget about fruit and dried fruits - and for a stomach it is useful, and it is just very tasty! Berries and fruit will make your skin (especially on a face) fresh, elastic and tightened.

For fight with orange-peel eat fat and sweet less. It is useful to drink daily enough water. In this context it is necessary to give attention and to dairy products, vegetables more.

You remember also pleasant impact on our organism of the use of porridges. Here indulge yourself with daily various squashes: oat, rice, semolina, buckwheat - their action on an organism is especially favorable in the mornings, during a breakfast. It, besides, tasty, is useful, also sates our organism for the whole day with inexhaustible energy (all remember, probably, the Russian national introduction: if it is visible that the person has no forces, speak: What, ate porridges a little? ) . So the Russian people long since know magic action of squashes! They sate a body and in them very few calories!

From wrinkles you will be protected by vitamin C which there is a lot of in oranges, cabbage and a kiwi. Eat more fresh vegetables salads - it is really tasty, also appetite after their reception becomes moderate. After salads not especially there is a wish to snatch on a portion of high-calorie food.

Limit the use of bread, especially wheat. Reduce to a minimum in general the use of bakery products as far as it is possible.

Instead of soups at which very often there are potatoes be limited to tasty broth, it is possible with a small amount of croutons.

Eat cottage cheese that hair began to shine and beautifully nails grew. Do not forget about fish.

For preparation of second courses use olive oil of a cold extraction - in it many vitamins A and E, necessary for an organism in general and, in particular, to our skin.

It is desirable to refuse the packaged juice which contains a lot of sugar. Better natural juice meanwhile was thought up nothing!

Include in the menu a liver, vinaigrette, seafood, chicken and oil-bearing crops more often.

If the organism demands chocolate - that eat it with pleasure and you do not reproach yourself with the eaten segments at all (of course if it is eaten in moderate quantity). Really you think that you just like that thought up chocolate wrappings? Chocolate not only increases mood! In cocoa - beans there are polyphenols which are responsible also for our rejuvenation. It is desirable to pass to dark and bitter chocolate. Will be pertinent if you refuse bars - in them many calories, and advantage almost any.

Still you remember advantage of cheese - better if it is low-fat. Do not forget during a breakfast about eggs and butter. And for those who for breakfast prefer champagne, recommend a little caviar - precisely it will be pleasant to you!

If you are sure that macaroni is harmful - came it is time to be undeceived! In porridge, macaroni, brown rice and beans complex carbohydrates which, being soaked up in blood, are suppliers of energy are concentrated and support the normal level of sugar in blood.

As you can see, it is not difficult to achieve beautiful appearance by means of food at all - enough only to conform to the simple rules by drawing up the daily menu. Keep energy, beauty, symmetry and youth with pleasure!