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How to find work in crisis? Several practical advice.

Mass dismissals Reductions, unpaid leaves. Decrease in compensation, word award remained in full yesterday.

What to do? The most important - not to panic. To be mobilized and begin to think. The first that comes to mind - fear to lose everything. This destructive feeling also moves much dismissed. The self-assessment decreases, the person is almost ready to undertake any work. Or, on the contrary, up to the end believes that he is popular and looks for work with the same salary

It is quiet. Let`s understand. It is important to orient competently in a situation in labor market of the region. For this purpose it is necessary to estimate the professional qualities objectively, without alluvial complacency. Now it can play a dirty trick with you. The objective picture can be received proceeding from estimates of the colleagues. Both friends, and enemies. One will praise and calm, others - to gloat over, especially if did not get into your situation yet. Connect all their opinions, stir and receive so-so - weighed - an objective assessment of your professionalism.

Now very seriously think - that you still can and you are able what dreamed long ago of. Now it is a high time these dreams to embody in reality. Still - such opportunity! You would never leave a familiar spot and so and did not choose time for the dream embodiment.

Further - weigh what is necessary for realization of idea in life? Resources - monetary, human, temporary. Think over all details. If any additional knowledge is necessary - now in many directions easy to receive them absolutely free of charge in jobcenter for the residence. However, the constant registration will be necessary. If that is not present, the jobcenter will be able to render you services only in work selection.

Further. Remember what you earned several years ago. Ways of a temporary side job hundreds and thousands - from sticking-up of announcements and services of the promoter before care of patients and children. Of course, skill and desire is necessary everywhere. And who promised what will be easy? Same a temporary side job which will grant to you a respite and will help to keep afloat. Who knows, perhaps, these temporary barracks also will become your business in the future. It is absolutely optional to carry out everything, it is possible to organize bureau of good offices and most to become the boss.

Begin to analyze labor market of the region. In the same jobcenter it is possible to get acquainted with actual vacancies, perhaps, someone looks for you long ago. Do not become isolated in the to trouble nothing terrible occurred. You have a health, hands - legs, the head, and you will be able always to find work if you do not despair.

Tell about the problem as it is possible for bigger number of acquaintances, neighbors, friends. As it is frequent absolutely incidentally the destiny does a new abrupt round. We - that precisely know that nothing casual in life happens! The main thing - not to lower a hand and not to fill in the depression with alcohol. Then definitely you will be necessary to nobody.

The jobcenter will help to receive free aid from the state at a rate of an annual dole that who will decide to be struck off the register and to begin the swimming in the rough sea of small business.

For university graduates of Russia training for the purpose of receiving experience is entered not less than three months. It will help young specialists to enter a profession and to prove before the new employer.

Opportunities the weight, the most important to understand that crisis is not eternal, it is not war, not natural disaster. Look for and will surely find. Work, business, business to liking.

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