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Chaos in our life of

All of us are well familiar with chaos in our life. At chaos there are a lot of definitions. Therefore it does not make sense to write out everything. I will tell only one - chaos always and everywhere. But first of all it in our thoughts.

Many will not agree with me, but I am all the same sure that the chaos is present even at successful people. Just they learned to beat it.

I Will give arguments from which as it seems to me, it will be visible what is chaos and as it influences our life.

We at all have negative thoughts which create chaos in our head. Successful people are able to replace them on positive, thus beating chaos and build the life, and many of us are not able to do it and as soon as the negative thought gets to us, it begins to turn constantly in the head, we constantly come back to it again and again. We feed with the returns it, we add it force and power, and as a result it takes control of us so that we attract a negative in the life. Not for nothing say that of what we think the most part of time, we receive in life. The chaos achieved the, it seeded the grains and grew up a harvest.


you are going to talk to the administration to resolve a private matter. In advance you think over the speech, it has to be convincing that the administration did not have doubt and there were no excess questions. You rehearse the speech again and again and the chaos is gradually installed in your attitude. You begin to think out to yourself answers on behalf of the chief, and they always negative, and with each such answer you begin to endure and radiate more and stronger fear and a negative which will shortly return to you with the real answer - refusal. You overwhelmed by such injustice to you will take the wrong step which will even more aggravate your situation. The CHAOS WON AGAIN. The fear of failure made the dirty deed.


Whether you make the list before a visit of shop? How often you buy what is not present in the list? Why it occurs? The chaos and only chaos in your thoughts induce you to make an unplanned purchase.

A occurs here that. In shop you select goods according to your remarkable list and suddenly your look stops on goods which reminded you of your childhood or some other event from your life. The chaos (swarm) of thoughts right there began to whirl a round dance in your head, you indulged in memoirs, you see only those goods which caused these feelings, you draw in imagination of a picture of saturation, feel taste and a smell. The chaos plays with you, entices in the networks and as a result you take over the list.

won against Chaos again.

I so chaos is present at any our act or business. In all our thoughts. He tries to make everything to confuse you, that you lost all. Good luck turns to you a back more and more. You make rash acts, you are under the influence of negative thoughts and attract a negative in the life. Having lost control, we fly to an abyss.

How many you postpone from the salary? Whether constantly you do it? whether

are Postponed by you to yourself first of all? Whether you keep the book of expenses and the income? whether

you Plan the expenses?

begin to order the financial situation Right now and you will put footboards to chaos.

But so the person is arranged that at certain efforts and actions he can establish the rules and beat chaos.


1, chaos everywhere and always.

2 cannot Win against chaos, it it is possible to beat

3 to beat Eternally it will not turn out

4 If you think that in your life there is no chaos, watch the point 1

5 Problem of Chaos to violate balance

If you decided to beat chaos, then the result directly will depend only on you and your attitude.

Never expect bad result. Just know that everything will be as it is necessary to you and other options not for you.

Always have the plan for a case of unforeseen result

Chaos does not love optimists

the Chaos does not love unusual situations, acts and thoughts.

Meditation lulls chaos and does it to weak

the Chaos and good mood are incompatible. The laughter blocks chaos.

Inspiring books, movies, music and t. d do not allow chaos to seize your thoughts completely.

The chaos needs to be accepted as an integral part of our life and further to ignore it, to play with it by your rules. The chaos is a negative installation of your attitude, your rage, envy, fear and unwillingness to forgive.

Willis Karriyera thought up a formula for the solution of any problem. It is the plan for a case of unforeseen result.

- - - - that the worst of what can happen.

- - - - try to reconcile with it.

- - - - quietly consider how to change situation.

The spare option will serve to you good service if you prepare it in advance. List to

the worst situations which could occur in your private and business life within a year. And now make the list of spare and saving options for each problem. After that you will sleep peacefully, you already took care of yourself and only wait for result necessary to you.

Concentrate on a terminal point, but not initial.