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Whether to give a shestiletka to the first class?

If to the child for September first of the current year already are six and a half years whether to send it to school at once or to wait, solve to parents. The administration of school to refuse reception as too small has no right. But whether the decision of parents will wait to the detriment, depends on features of development of the child.

Risk factors

the Main arguments of psychologists in favor of that not to hurry :

- the six-year-old child is often not able to sustain a lesson more than half an hour, and the standard lesson in the first class lasts forty five minutes;

- six-year-old children often need the games developing skills of communication. If these skills are insufficiently developed, he can become reserved that leads to children`s neurosises;

- in six years the pupil, unlike his seven-year-old schoolmate, should switch from study to game from time to time, and during a lesson such opportunity is, as a rule, not provided. From - for it the shestiletka can begin to play at a lesson that leads to problems with discipline. In the first class the model of further behavior at school is formed;

- six-year-old children need usually to have a sleep in the afternoon, at school - there is no place;

- on changes seven-year-old first graders are able to occupy themselves, six-year-old the help of the teacher is necessary what that can be not ready to;

- at this age skills of the speech are still formed for what the help of the logopedist, and even the speech pathologist can be required. At the majority of schools there are no such experts. the barracks Ghost

Additional incentive to send to

the son to the first class for many parents a bit earlier the current version of the law on a conscription and the concept of change of approach to an appeal serve. First of all, order of granting delays. If to the boy it is executed eighteen before leaving school, will allow to study up to it. But here he will already lose the right for a delay for receiving the higher education.

If in higher education institution where it will arrive, is not present voyenno - training center (the former military departments), and it is supposed that such there will be a minority, it is necessary to study up after army. If only do not recognize unusable to service. by

School practice

of the Teacher, recognizing all risk factors, nevertheless note that acceleration made the business, and six-year-old first graders most often do not have these problems.

A lot of things also depend on school and on the teacher, and the question actually can stand not to give / not to give and what to choose " school;. Problems can not be just because the child will fall into good hands. And here with other teacher they can quite arise.

Ways of the choice of future class teacher for the son or the same daughters, as at the choice of school: personal impressions of acquaintance to it and domestic rating - what is told about each teacher by parents of those who already at him study and disaccustomed. Opinions will be different, but the to collect more, the better.

As far as the child is ready to school, a question especially individual. But to rely only on parental intuition experts do not advise, recommend to show at first future first grader to the psychologist working with this age.

It is possible to find such experts, for example, in the centers of the psychologist - pedagogical and the physician - social maintenance which are in the large cities. Let`s tell, in Moscow of such centers on several in each district. Usually there begin to advise parents regarding readiness of their child for school every spring - in March - April. Their recommendations will not damage also at the choice of school, the program and system of training. So at competent approach everything has to turn out as it is necessary.