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Dream in summer night .

After the day sated with infinite affairs, you go to bed waiting for a dream, mentally scroll last day once again, distribute plans for tomorrow. And, at last, having resorted to a traditional way, with irritation you begin to consider sheep. But all attempts to fall asleep are vain. So in what the reason of your sleeplessness and how to drive her away?

Even if seems to you that you want to sleep, as a result of a stress and excessive loading, your brain continues to work. Violation of balance between the substances which are responsible for excitement and braking of nervous system is the reason for that. They are nazvat neuromediators. So exciting neuromediators appear more, than braking . Prevalence of the last disturbs a brain to be disconnected and to plunge in disabled condition .

Before starting to ruthless to swallowing drugs, try to understand what the reason of your sleeplessness consists in. Needless to say, nobody forbids you to experience nervousness, for example, on the eve of examination, at employment, or before a casting. But, sleeplessness can also be a symptom of any illness! The matter is that at not filling up person work of heart, zheludochno - an intestinal path is broken, there are problems with excess weight. Including, sleeplessness can be the first symptom of pneumonia. To Lose a dream it is possible also from - for depressions and some other frustration. If matter in overfatigue, then it is possible to cope with it easily. And you will be helped with it by the most usual councils:

First of all, it is necessary to take care of that the interval between each subsequent falling asleep made, as well as 24 hours are necessary. In other words, try to go to bed and get up at the same time. Paradoxically, but if to sleep less than 6 hours a day and more than 9, the risk of heart diseases increases.

Walks and run in this case are intended for an evening of days. They are very useful. Consider, morning jogs - the real stress for an organism.

As for sleeping pill, here to solve to you. But, do not forget that it does not give good rest, and affects a brain not only during the night, but also in the afternoon. As a result your organism should cope with substances, harmful to it, which to contain in drugs independently.

Have supper in 3 - 4 hours prior to a dream. Late meal forces to work all digestive organs that prevents to have a rest to an organism. Try not to use at supper coffee, strong tea and alcohol. Try to treat yourself with a glass of milk or kefir. All of us know

since the childhood - air the room in the evening.

Before going to bed take a heat bath with favourite aromomasla. if it for you is not enough

A, try to use force mantras: There is no Past, it left, there is no future, it did not come, there is a present, and here and now it is better to sleep . Well, and finally it is necessary to tell, quality your dream depends on that how comfortable will be the conditions created by you.