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Parental narrow-mindedness of

This eternal conflict of fathers and children. Probably it will never stop. it is valid

A a problem and it can cripple life to the child and break harmonious natural communication with parents.

Parents do not even suspect that they can create a problem to the child in the future, in his adulthood when he still being small of - for wrong behavior of the parents will receive a stessovy situation and an image for imitation. Our children study everything at us.

Shouts and abuse in an occasion and without. The child as a sponge absorbs it in himself and at a similar situation with the peers will copy behavior of parents, and then and at communication with parents will give it that many will be shocked and where he it was taken. So at us it was also gathered, it we taught him to it. Remembered?

And when parents force children to repeat the mistakes and to realize unfulfilled dreams of their childhood.

Remember that such actions you deprive of the child of an option, you impose the opinion, often wrong.

Well the child does not like to play a violin or drums. Well it is not necessary to force it and to punish, nothing acceptable from this will leave. Only it will be worse. The child will become angry and will begin to hate either you or music.

The little man has to choose that he is pleasant to him and even if his interests will change very often, it means that it searching.

With growth of the child of problems becomes more. You begin it to force to study that he went to study then again, and then got a job. Can do it and - to study well. But besides as whom to study. Your child does not want to be the doctor or the lawyer. He decided to be the superman, the savior of the Universe or the hacker.

Here you again the authority suppress freedoms and an option at the child, instead of a quiet and correct explanation what it is good to be the superhero - it too, but it is necessary to study as it also the volume of knowledge and abilities at the superhero oho - go what. I think that any choice of the child will be correct. Because it is its choice and he holds a nose on - wind.

Understand, you plowed all life and want to dip the child into the same whirlpool. And if to look at results of your work, then the majority except diseases and beggarly, irregular pension behind soul has nothing any more. It is a result of 8 five-years periods of a high-powered work. And you want to present such life to the child?

What you are do-good parents. Do not kill in the children Bilov Geytsov and Arnoldov Shvartseneggerov. Help them to become those whom they want to be. They, but not you.

To carry out all life at work which you do not love - it is silly and criminal. It is in vain the dissipated life.

Give to the children a free scope, clean air, but not the standard opinion. And if the child does not want to continue a labor dynasty, then it is not necessary to force him.

You cannot the help financially, help faith in him and surround with care and love.

If you do not want to help, then do not help, but also do not disturb it to live and develop. Time will come and he to you will remember everything. Well if forgives and if is not present.

People did not learn to forgive, only strong personalities were given such privilege. To forgive is to forget bad, to fall in love anew, and the heart has a will of its own.

Never, you hear, never remember to children, that you helped them, and they grew up such heartless and dishonourable. It is your problem, but not them. You so brought up them, you made their such, here and reap the fruits of the work. And they such can be only in relation to you. Children, your reflection and if something in your relations is not got on, then you are guilty and only you.

It is necessary to help gratuitously, in all sincerity, with kind and light soul. Treat them as you want that they treated you.

Many of you, dear parents, do not notice that the bans you deprive of the child of development, communication and accustom to be afraid of everything. And fear, I will tell you, not the best satellite in life. You generate an inferiority complex at the child and destroy his belief in own forces.

Help it to develop correctly. You teach it on stories, set a positive example. Look narrowly at the child more attentively, learn his interests and hobbies. It can make him the personality.

When the child is keen on something, to be engaged in any crap he has no time. And his authority among peers will be not on a tip of a cigarette or a bottom of a glass, and in his abilities and abilities.

Better since the childhood accustom the child to eat, play properly sports, to set the purposes and to reach them. Teach to forgive him and to love. To look at world around as on something light and kind, cultivate in it positive attitude and love to the nature.

And if it you are not able silt you do not know, then you study together with it. These actions you will help it in the future. Present yourself a worthy old age and keep love and the excellent relations.

Be a friend to the child, his support and a support. you Raise

and you study together with it.

of Good luck.