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How to choose school for the child? Schools begin to write down

Since April 1 future first graders. The choice of the place of study for the child - business serious and if is from what to choose, to compare several possible options better.

Teachers advise to collect the necessary data on three sources: official information on concrete school, personal impressions of communication with its administration and teachers and so-called domestic rating - opinions of parents which children there already study.

Domestic rating

This source, perhaps, the most powerful. It is desirable to talk to parents not only pupils of initial classes, but also children who study in average and senior. Opinions on school in general, about features of teaching, about specific teachers are important. They, most likely, will be inconsistent: everyone puts the sense in the concepts good school and good teacher . And that is good for one, can be not really for another.

Therefore it is important to understand, than specific parents are dissatisfied or happy and to correlate their responses to the wishes to school for the child. Anyway, the more it will turn out to collect opinions, the more objectively result.

Talk with parents of pupils will help to obtain information which at the school will hardly be read, especially at the first visit. To learn whether well feed in the dining room, whether rage at school with notorious requisitions, additional paid lessons are how voluntary, it is possible only in such conversations.

It is possible to find the necessary parents in the yard of the interesting school closer to the end of lessons, in children`s policlinic, in own yard, at playgrounds in the residential district.

But, of course, it is necessary to compare everything heard with personal impressions of visit to school and communication with teachers.

Official visit

At directors of schools is business hours. Let`s tell, in Moscow it from 15:00 till 18:00 on Mondays. However, not always the director can be on the place at this time. Besides, at schools Open Days became a usual rule. In the majority of regions of school are interested to attract as much as possible pupils because directly depends on it how many money of everyone will allocate for academic year. So it is possible to speak even about the competition between municipal schools for pupils.

Not the rarity at present and the websites of schools on the Internet, but here as will carry. In Moscow the web - the business card is at each school, but here schools at which it is substantial, it is a little. But even if the school website was a well of the necessary information, not to do without visit - and how still to receive personal impressions?

Besides your visit to school will only add to you points in the opinion of teachers and administration: teachers respect the parents responsibly suitable to so serious business as training of the child.

When you will make a choice, it is worth glancing in the pleasant school once again and to remind: We want to you .

for Whom is time in the first class

That the child was admitted to school, for September 1 to it at least six and a half years have to be executed. A priority at record at those who live in the residential district, adjacent to school, and at children at whom the elder brother or the sister already study at the same school. The others are taken in the presence of places.

However various lines for places in school where it is desirable to get long before start of official record, sometimes practicing in the large cities, are illegal and lie entirely on conscience of the director.

If parents live not in that city where are registered, it not an obstacle for reception of the child in school, the next to their actual address, but it is necessary to have registration in the place of stay. That admitted the child of the foreigners living in the Russian Federation to school, those have to have permission to temporary residence or residence permit in the Russian Federation and registration in the territorial subject of the federation where there is a school.

Also medical record is required. If the child goes to kindergarten, all will make there. If is not present, it is necessary to address the local therapist in children`s policlinic, and that will direct to all necessary experts.