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Than a citrus and what they happen are useful?

since the childhood are associated New year with a tangerine smell. But winter - time of purchase of a citrus not only for New Year`s reasons. At this time it is necessary to remember lemons and oranges for one reason: avitaminosis.

the Inevitable satellite of winter overtakes us with inevitability of fate: fatigue, working capacity falling, decrease in immunity, an aggravation of everything that can only become aggravated. It is possible to run in a drugstore behind vitamins, and it is possible to remember the seamen escaping from a scurvy by means of lemons.

And nikolashka - bad manners!

Citrus - obligatory ingredient from stocks of any the chief - cooks. Oranges and tangerines are a part of many salads.

The cumquat goes more to registration though in a number of restaurants do confiture of it. For example, " cake; Polar light - charming combination of grapefruit, tangerine, orange, cheese ricotta and white chocolate. It is possible to order a duck breast with a basket of cepes and orange sauce or a perch Dolphin in orange sauce, and also arugula dried tomatoes, parmesan and grapefruit salad.

Practically in any institution will offer you freshly squeezed juice of a citrus. Or, perhaps, tea with additives of flowers, a citrus dried peel, a bergamot is better? Or all - something tsitrusovo - alcoholic? The choice is rich.

And here widely known nikolashka - a lemon circle with coffee and sugar, according to the director of the Kaliningrad club " Station wagon; Nikolay Kozhanov - bad manners:

- In any case, not to the French cognac. It is not that level.

On a counter

of All in the world now are grown up by about 28 types of citrus fruit crops: orange, grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, bergamot, pomelo, citron, lime, wild orange, cumquat and many others. There is also a set of the trans-species hybrids received, for example, from crossing of oranges and tangerines, etc. of

Lemons, tangerines, oranges various grades comments do not need. Especially it is necessary to allocate unless the Sicilian orange - red fruits of this fruit have special aroma and sweet taste. It grows only on Sicily. Now juice and drinks with taste of the Sicilian orange - very fashionable drink in Europe. In Russia even yogurts with taste of red orange already appeared.

The lime is the close relative of a lemon. One feature of this green limonchik costs only 9 rubles, and pleasures - the sea. Delicate aroma of a lime made it a favourite fruit of bartenders. The lime both in salads, and in desserts is used. This small green citrus is simply irreplaceable in some salads and cocktails. And that is important - in many respects it more useful, than a lemon. A lime - an excellent tranquilizer.

The most widespread grades of a lime - Florida and Persian . The fresh lime has to be strong, with brilliant smooth zheltovato - a green peel. The lime easily spoils therefore do not buy it for the future and store in the cool dry place.

Small orange fruits pass - a cumquat citrus - any more not a rarity on our counters. As eat a cumquat entirely, gourmets appreciate a harmonious combination of tartness, an easy chill of a dried peel and the refreshing juiciness of orange pulp. Cost - about 350 rub/kg.

The frequent guest on our counters - of a pomelo . By the form and structure he reminds grapefruit, only much more. Besides the pomelo less juicy, than other citrus, and on taste rather sweet, than sour, reminds sweet cherry. There is a pomelo to red pulp, with faintly - yellow and orange.

Grapefruit should not be represented - this metis the victim of selection and a hybrid of a lemon and one of grades of orange it is very popular in numerous diets. In general citrus metises in the world great variety. Grapefruit happens to light and red pulp. There are grades and with pink pulp, but they, as a rule, in separate group are not allocated.

Tangerines, Satsuma orange, clementines, vilking - all this hybrids of tangerines.

And here a bergamot and a wild orange (bitter orange) are known to not so much for fruits, how many aroma. Tea with a bergamot is popular, aromas of a bergamot and most valuable of wild orange oil of not role are widely used in perfumery and an aromatherapy.

And traditional decoration of the bride - the orange blossom is just the wild orange flowers symbolizing innocence.

Whether you know?

In Ancient Greece did not know naphthalene and struggled with a moth, displaying various fragrant flowers which called " in the house; tsedry . And when Greeks saw fruits unknown earlier which had specific aroma, too called them tsedros . At Romans this word turned in citrus .

And according to scientists - tsitrolog (there are also such!) in one of the Chinese manuscripts dated 1178 27 best grades of oranges and tangerines are already described.

Fruits of a citrus contain lemon acid, sugar, vitamins C, P, groups B, carotene (pro-vitamin A). By results of the researches conducted by physicians it is proved that a citrus strengthens immune system, reduce growth of cancer cells or completely neutralize their development.

Orange is considered the most useful of a citrus. And most of all vitamins - in a peel of a citrus.

Generally, eat more citrus and forget about avitaminosis!