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What is it actually - Myunkhgauzen`s effect ?

Will make a reservation at once, this article neither, nor to documentary, nor to an exact faktologiya has no relation to science. Therefore there is no sense to reproach the author with a distortion of the facts or distortion of historical events. The speech in material goes, first of all, about the phenomenon. Thus, if it is more convenient to someone to consider that some of the characters mentioned here are fictional, and consider to yourself on health! It quite keeps within one of collateral Myunkhgauzen`s effects . However, we will pass to an essence.

I think, practically all watched the movie That Myunkhgauzen removed on the work of Grigory Gorin of the same name. The contradiction, paradox which it is necessary to call " becomes one of the main counterpoints of a plot of this movie; Myunkhgauzen`s effect . The hero of the movie which role was just brilliantly played by the remarkable actor Oleg Yankovsky never lies. But practically nobody trusts it! Why? Because all he speaks about, does not keep within in minds of the people surrounding him at all. For them recognition of his correctness will become denial itself, all habitual system of their views and values. And what sane person is capable of similar?!

As a matter of fact, Myunkhgauzen`s effect existed always, and the related confusion began long before the birth of the baron Karl Iyeronim a background... Everything began with the old man Prometheus and even even earlier. Periodically there were odd fellows opening for nobody the necessary truth and persistently trying to explain them to others. Despite everything, they told at the most inopportune moment about idiotic the thirty second of May, one more day of spring .

What moved these odd fellows? And moved them as it strange sounds, Lyubov! Love to truth and Lyubov to people. Also they on the to a hump dragged svezheotkryty truth to these people, wishing to help them, to open for them eyes. And what was received in exchange? God`s punishment! Prometheus was chained to the rock, and regularly flying eagle tormented him, pecking out a liver. Christ was crucified. Ulugbek was beheaded. Giordano Bruno ascended to a fire. Galileo Galilei came to be in prison.

There is a natural question: really they did not know what will follow publication of their enlightenments? Yes of course knew! Books were read, a story about the predecessors heard more than once. And clever people, friends warned them, spoke to these pigheads: Secretly you can trust . And what in reply? I cannot secretly! I can only openly That new reality which swung open them towards deprived of these madmen of an instinct of self-preservation. That truth which opened them was so enormous that it was torn outside, and it was impossible to constrain it. Also they spoke to friends: But I told the truth! And friends in reply: The hell with her, with the truth!. Sometimes it is possible and to tell lies. My God, such things should be explained to the baron Myunkhgauzen

As a result people around, protecting many years the acquired circle of values and habits, took up arms on these trouble-makers. And people around it is quite possible to understand. Present that you the inhabitant of medieval Europe. Some clever man begins to explain to you that not the Sun spins around Earth, and, on the contrary, Earth rotates around the Sun. You look at the sky, and your own feelings tell you the return! What will be your natural reaction? Yes it, this clever man, it is urgently necessary to conduct to the doctor or to lock to the cellar that he did not agitate kind people! Clearly it is visible that the person went crazy or, still it is worse than that, lies to you with the unclear purpose. Well, a surname at it Copernicus, and that? You never know on light of people with strange surnames? Here to you example Myunkhgauzen`s effect in pure form.

Some of the above described odd fellows tried to become as all but from this there was nothing acceptable. The cine baron Myunkhgauzen was left by darling. Why? She wanted that it became such, as all ! But because she loved other person, that, former which disappeared, died, having stopped being by itself. And the old man Galilei after the renunciation, being under house supervision of inquisition, continued to mutter sadly and quietly And all - it spins! Therefore, sorry, misters are conservatives, these trouble-makers, these odd fellows, these madmen, for the fact that they deprive of you rest, breaking the habitual course of things, overturning everything upside down in your brains, moving science, culture and spirituality forward, at the price of all life paying for the truth which opened them. But there cannot be they as all ! Even when receive misunderstanding and hatred in response to love. Even when accuse them of lie and arrogance. Even on pain of death. Here such it, this unclear Myunkhgauzen`s effect .

When Grigory Gorin in one of interview was asked why he writes the works, he answered: It is requirement, requirement to share with people Hey, odd fellows, who there yet not on a kernel? All mudflows? Went - and - and!!!