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Who needs free additional education?

Free additional professional education by the law are not provided. And still some have an opportunity to receive a new profession or to improve the knowledge in available at full or partial payment of training by the state or territorial subject of the federation.


is free

can receive a new profession those who are registered in jobcenter as the unemployed. The second condition - if in bank of vacancies is not present suitable for you (if is, first of all will channelize on interview) or at their existence everywhere for some reason refused to you employment.

The unemployed determines parameters of suitable vacancies to himself, filling in the corresponding questionnaire. However, in bank of vacancies, for example, the Moscow city service of employment, the offer generally for workers with a salary to 10 thousand rubles a month. And among looking for work experts with the higher education and salary expectations prevail is much higher.

Specialists of jobcenters estimate prospects of retraining of the bank clerk in forklift operators with a salary around 12 thousand rubles skeptically. However an opportunity during the compelled inaction free of charge to learn to drive the car, to tighten English or to master popular computer programs (in Moscow such directions are), perhaps, not the worst option. Though the best, undoubtedly, work with the income sufficient for payment of study from the pocket.

If the jobcenter sent you for study, it is necessary not to shirk and not to play pranks.

During study the grant - in the same size in what the dole is granted is paid. From the moment of revenues to courses of the person strike off the register as unemployed. The occupations deducted for admissions and other violations back in jobless are not taken. And after the termination of courses irrespective of whether you found work, will not register for some time (terms depend on a type of training).

to Heads

works not the first year with

In Russia the presidential program of preparation of administrative shots. It includes a course of professional retraining in the directions management, marketing or finance (550 class periods, from them 180 on learning of foreign language) and training at the Russian or foreign enterprise. Foreign training carry out in Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland, France, Japan and according to programs of the EU. Study lasts from 5 to 9 months, various options are possible: as allowing to combine training with work, and is not present. Training - from 3 to 12 weeks.

Payment of training of three sources: 33% of cost from the federal budget, 33% - from municipal, the rest - from enterprise assets where the candidate for participants of the program works. Those who to the employer, that is individual entrepreneurs have the right to participate in the program also. They should fork up on this most other part, naturally.

Requirements to participants: the higher education, experience of five years, from them not less than three - on positions of the head of the top or average management, age till 40 years and active knowledge of a foreign language (unreliable English) at least at the average level.

In last years in some territorial subjects of the federation, in particular in Moscow, there were enough places for participation in the program with interest (a limit for all country - 5000 people a year). More likely, deficiency of persons interested was observed. The situation this year is still not clear. If in 2008 reception of applications from potential participants ended in March, then even selection of higher education institutions where those should study is not begun yet (them under the law select every year on a competition). In the Federal resource center of preparation of administrative shots which realizes the program, say that this year its format can change, but still do not know how. However assure that the set will be.

Muscovites for participation in the program need to address to the center of development of business of the district. To residents of other territorial subjects of the federation - in the regional commission selecting candidates which can recognize coordinates by phone (499)795 - 64 - 19 or e-mail skpk@pprog. ru .

In Moscow there are also programs of training for employees and heads of small enterprises. Their city pays partially - from 20 to 50% of cost. The rest - from enterprise assets or at the expense of the participant. Concerning participation it is necessary to address to the center of development of business of the district. The indispensable condition - the enterprise has to be registered in the register of small business. Include in the register also in the center of development of business, procedure free.

to Exempts

In Moscow is free courses for the beginning businessmen. Those who are in a child care leave or the relative - the disabled person can study as them, seniors, students, disabled people, the former military.

Courses last about a month - 72 hours, occupations two - three times a week. There are programs for business bases, accounting, personnel documentation. There are no restrictions on the number of training programs so each participant quite can pass a little.

For participation it is necessary to address to the center of development of business of the district, it is desirable in March - April. Necessary documents: photocopies of pages of the passport with personal data and the Moscow registration and the document confirming the attitude towards this or that category - the student ID card or the reference from school for students and pupils, the birth certificate of the child for young mothers etc.