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How to prepare on - Chinese?

Having armed Encyclopedia of Chinese cuisine with pictures, I with horror jumped aside from recipes of the " type; Duck membranes in the oyster " sauce; and The Grass carp in acetic sauce from West Lake so far, at last, did not stop on the unpretentious recipe marble " eggs;.

Everything that is necessary, can be found in kitchen: eggs, black tea, salt, sugar, spices.

However, a professional way of preparation (to break crude egg so that contents did not flow out, and on all shell cracks went) it appeared beyond my powers. Having spoiled heels of eggs, it was necessary to be content with the second version of the recipe: to cook hard boiled eggs and to beat so that the shell became covered by cracks then already to thrust for a minute into the boiling tea with salt, sugar and spices.

This unpretentious set of products yielded original results: the peeled egg was covered with a setochka dark a marbled streak, without speaking about unusual taste. I Admit to

honestly: as on the picture, at me it did not turn out. But it turned out rather originally in order that guests felt exotic at once.

In Encyclopedias there were some more simple recipes, but the majority was thrown in silent shock. For example, how to prepare The Live carp from the lake to Kunminkh considering that when fish is served to a table, her mouth still opens, and gills move within half an hour, even when fish is eaten to bones?

This dish prepares two cooks in 4 minutes, including frying and laying: the secret of a surprising dish that in the course of thermal treatment the head of a carp is not fried and the center of nervous system remains in safety.

It is how real to prepare something similar under our conditions? I asked this question the cook of one of the Chinese restaurants of Kaliningrad Tyang Sung to Lin. I Admit to

, I thought that rather just to be a Chinese to know how to cook everyones there live carps . As they say, in France even children of janitors speak in French. Actually in China there is home cuisine too - rather simple and nourishing, and is refined, restaurant.

Tyang studied at school of cooks in China three years. He showed us roasting of onions on fire, rising directly to the person.

- And you does not burn?

- For the present never burned. On such fire prepare only some dishes which should be prepared quickly - for example, mutton or pork with onions. To extinguish, big fire is not necessary. In China high fire is used mainly at restaurants too. In usual houses there are usual plates with four rings.

Tyang thinly cuts with a wide hatchet cucumbers: not our way not circles, but straws.

- One of differences of Chinese cuisine that all products are cut very small cubes, straws - both meat, and vegetables. This results from the fact that in China eat with sticks. Most often they are made of a bamboo. But is also expensive: from an ivory.

(If you want to feel in China, without leaving own house - sticks can be bought in the market from Koreans (50 rubles) and in departments of decorative products (depending on a carving, a list and material - from 100 rubles and above)).

Chinese cuisine consists of eight branches. Tyang was born on the bank of the Yellow Sea therefore he prepares by traditions of northern kitchen. In it the special attention is paid to seafood.

- Tyang, whether it is possible to trust recipes in collections of the Chinese recipes and whether it is possible to prepare all these dishes of the house?

- Recipes in books usually correct, and at home it is quite possible to prepare simply a dish - for example, pork with onions. For exotic dishes at us it is easy to find in shops of both a shrimp, and crabs, and dried wood mushrooms, and frog legs. But you will hardly find a snake and a turtle.

- And you tried a snake?

- Yes, in China. It is similar to chicken.

- Some dishes in recipes require that sesame oil, peanut

- Can replace with any vegetable.

- Chinese cuisine usually is associated with rice

- it in China is eaten very often. Rice prepares fresh and unsalted to shade taste of hot and spicy dishes.

- Whether the truth that in China there is an edible rice paper?

is not absolutely paper, these are the rice noodles rolled with a thin leaf. For example, do envelopes with forcemeat of it.

- What dish for you the most difficult?

- the Duck on - Beijing. It is prepared by several days: dry, pour syrup Of course, it not to prepare the house, only at restaurant, as well as the majority of other exotic dishes. However, the most real duck on - Beijing it is possible to try only in Beijing: both process of sagination, and climate, and water plays a role.

- What you would advise to prepare for a dessert - not really difficult?

- Taste apples or bananas in batter and caramel.

Apples in batter

to Make batter from 120 g of flour, 8 tablespoons of water, for h l. vegetable oil, 1 egg to dip into it pieces of apples and to fry. On 6 tablespoons of the heated vegetable oil to dissolve 150 g of sugar to light-brown color, to dip apples in batter into caramel, at once to give to a table.

Juicy highlight: to dip a hot piece into ice water and at once to send crackling in a mouth.

Bananas in batter to Make for

batter as in the previous recipe with addition of a teaspoon of starch. To slice bananas of 8 cm, to fry in batter, to fill in with the kindled honey, to strew with the fried sesame sunflower seeds.

Bon appetit and success in culinary experiments!