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What is a paradigm of money? Part 2.

Everything are got by true value in extreme situations. Why a purse on the desert island? What in an extreme situation can really help the person? Tranquility, belief, hope, love to life, dream (and, believe, not about Toyota) All this about other quality of perception of the world and other values .

And now attention! What can transfer the person to other quality of perception?

It is information.

Remember how books inspired you, emboldened, set thinking on meaning of life As unpleasant news guarded and frightened As romantic movies excited the dying-away feelings As discoveries blew the mind and distracted from life

the Paradigm of money is a priority of possession.

the Paradigm of information is a priority of a condition of consciousness.

Financial crisis for mankind as an extreme situation: the purse will not help us any more.

In information paradigm money will not disappear anywhere. Just they will take the lawful place. On the importance approximately same what is occupied by a spoon in the course of eating of soup. And if in a paradigm of money first of all the number of spoons and their quality, and in the second turn - refinement of a dish was important, then in a paradigm of information the state is important in which the meal is made. Because if to you at heart it is bad, then and the royal snack will not get into a throat. And, on the contrary, in conditions of a spiritualizing and enthusiasm - it is almost not important that you eat! The main thing that it did not distract on itself a lot of attention and time.

The paradigm of information is an era in which we already live . The people who accepted and harmoniously existing in this paradigm already are. Many of you reading this article can recognize themselves in them. It is a way of life at which the person gives to external circumstances that amount of attention which is necessary for providing pressing needs: comfortable accommodation, food, necessary clothes, rest, generally, all that as was before, but without cycling of attention on it. The main stream of attention is concentrated on structuring around itself an information field. The person of a paradigm of information consciously chooses information streams to which he is ready to contact. It is not passive more in the perception. Why? Because he accurately realizes interrelation of information with the real life.

I offer the rough example illustrating this interrelation in hope that it will be clear to all. Using information of the pornwebsites, the visitor of such resources reaches sexual reactions. It can consciously use this information as the tool for achievement of a state necessary for it (I want to be excited - I will find a way), or can be the victim of similar information owing to the fact that it is passive in perception (incidentally saw / heard / read - it was excited).

By analogy with the pornwebsites - any information influences a condition of consciousness with all that it implies : reactions, desires, moods, acts, vital elections

Many people, intuitively feeling these principles, having adjoined and having accepted them from external sources (such as Generation of " Pepsi; Pelevina and similar), begin to refuse partially or completely contact with television, form the information channels through a selection of references to resources, carefully approach the choice of movies for viewing and are not guided by TV applet.

Interesting paradox: the mankind is enslaved by permissiveness and volume of the offer. In total around is a lot of that it is impossible to satisfy the demand. All forces leave at choice of the offer from existing, and on formation of real inquiry nothing remains.

It is really crisis. The economy is only an iceberg top.

As any evolutionary step, a paradigm of information can provide about lshy degree of freedom, and together with it and responsibility, than a paradigm of money. It is the new front of tasks. New tops and new abysses . Here live secret rabbit hole point of assembly of Castaneda Shamanism and many other things where interaction with system of perception of information from world around is the cornerstone.

Boris Borisovich knew about it when he sang:

But we go blindly in strange places

I everything that we have - it is pleasure and fear,

Fear of the fact that we it is worse, than we can

I pleasure for the fact that all in reliable hands

Is the shaking, concerning moment of transition to a new stage of a growing of mankind.

It is inevitable.

It as children`s psychology: it is always terrible to mature, but it is very attractive

Welcome to a paradigm of information, the Lord.