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What is a paradigm of money? Part 1. 2005 I interviewed

B Igor Kalashnik. Article was called The Paradigm of money leaves? . We with the husband then prepared pilot release of the psychologist - the esoteric magazine Semargl and this subject seemed to me interesting.

At you happens so what, it seems, you always understood it, but there comes the moment when that knowledge which you, it seems, and so mind understood earlier as if fails more deeply? You to add nothing new that you already knew cannot, repeat hackneyed phrases and meanings, but at the same time feel that for you inside they sound absolutely on another. And you cannot explain with words of this difference to either yourself or others. And you ask for the help new analogies, comparisons, meanings to slightly open those sides of new knowledge which were highlighted from again found depth by

Here and now 4 years later after contact with this subject at me happened paradigms of money, provalivany in a subject, .

What is a paradigm of money? It is the most powerful on the consequences for human consciousness of I] forgery of happiness . As a result of centuries-old manipulations with mass consciousness in human culture of consumption of any benefits arose, got stronger and reached the pathological sizes the promise that the result of consumption and possession inevitably involves pleasure and happiness.

The promise was never kept up to the end because consumption can cause pleasure (corporal), but not happiness. Happiness as the category, as experience has no connection with consumption in principle. These are the parallel worlds. At the same time the world of happiness is stronger and more majestic on attraction force for human aspiration, than the world of pleasures. Is so stronger that the person who really endured the moment of happiness , is ready to refuse pleasures for the sake of repeated contact with this experience. But then it will drop out of a control zone.

As control is exercised? The desire to pleasure is excited and this pleasure is provided. Therefore for control it is necessary to kindle very importance of receiving pleasures. And that parallel worlds did not distract, the sheaf " is carefully fixed; pleasure = happiness . That is: it is very important to feel pleasure! it is also life! it is also the real happiness! As a result words to describe the real happiness , the real freedom , true love disappear . These, real experiences cannot be designated and described already because everything collapses on corporal pleasures or emotional socially - desirable strokings. For example, we speak love and we mean kisses, sex, attachment. We speak dream and we feel tasty, softly, beautifully, pleasantly, it is treated kindly, obligingly, it is esteemed, respected, bent There are no words any more to describe others love freedom happiness . And if is not present of the word , then there is nothing. Because at first the word has to be . Language is the " tool, still only for mankind; to ground to designate, enter thin experiences into reality of the physical world.

Money as a symbol of possession of material benefits, once began to be associated with the benefits. We do not want food any more - we first of all want money. Therefore when we hammered the refrigerator with food, but there is no money, we worry more than when at the empty refrigerator we have money. We are not pleased any more by our apartment if we have no money. Let first of all I will be with money though at the expense of own apartment And so in everything. The situation at which money is the main criterion a key factor, a priority in the course of decision-making and is essence of a paradigm of money. Money here - prime value .

I use allocation of a font because I lack words in many places of the text. So I put accents.

This forgery of happiness, this far-fetched illusory value of possession and access to pleasures led to a consumption agiotage which on the one hand was carefully stimulated and it continues to be stimulated with advertizing, and on the other hand led to crisis of overproduction of the huge sizes. The mankind makes and consumes an improbable a lot of stuff.

The promise that the pleasure which you will be able to buy for money will bring happiness is never executed. The person at the same time draws a conclusion that it from a lack of pleasure . And consumption continues. Such here eternal hunger without happiness.

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