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Why it is impossible to divide into zero?

Why sky blue? Why cows do not fly? From where children undertake? Why snow thaws? Why cats mew? Why " cheese; full of holes ?.

What only questions are not asked by our children!. And here question Why it is impossible to divide into zero? do not set. Why? Because at school the teacher told that it is IMPOSSIBLE. It is impossible, so it is impossible! Much later, already at institutes, we learned what to divide there is everything - it is possible, and it will turn out as a result - infinity. But, admit, our mind accepted this fact as a certain assumption, convention, we since the childhood remember - it is impossible. And, actually, why all-?

For a start let`s understand from where there is an infinity which concept on the first courses of university we treated with some share of mistrust. Everything is surprisingly simple: if to divide some number on lesser and smaller, then the increasing and bigger value will turn out. The less there will be a divider, the more will become private. So there is an infinity.

But physics and mathematicians do not love infinity therefore is conditionally accepted that it is impossible to divide into zero. Turns out that an assumption is the impossibility to divide into zero.

We will address mathematics elements. In arithmetics there are four actions - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. But they have no equality. Mathematicians consider as the main actions only two of them: addition and multiplication, the others - the return actions, consequences of the main.

We will consider the concept subtraction . For the solution of an example 5 - 3 =... it is necessary to move away three from five objects, the quantity which remained at the same time and will be the answer to our example. But, considering that addition is considered the main action, let`s change several our example, having written down it in the form of addition: x + 3 = 5 . That is to what number it is necessary to add three that it turned out five?

Also the situation is with division. Expression 8: 4 = follows from expression 4 x = 8 . How many time on four should be taken that it turned out eight?

And here it, answer! If 5: 0 - it is record 0 option x = 5, it turns out, it is necessary to find such number which at multiplication on 0 will give 5. How many time on zero should be taken that something bigger turned out, than nothing?! But at multiplication on 0 always it turns out 0, this fact lies in the determination of zero! Number which at multiplication on 0 gives something other than zero, does not exist. It turns out, the task has no decision, and expression 5: 0 it does not make sense. To reduce quantity of senseless tasks, it was accepted that it is impossible to divide into zero.

The most careful readers by all means will ask: and how with division of zero into zero?

Let`s understand. It turns out, the equation 0 x = 0 has the decision? Or infinite number of decisions? X it can be equal to both unit, and two, and one million. So, at x, 0 turns out =0 0 = 0, then 0: 0=0? And at x =1, 0 1 = so 0: 0 = 1?! Or 0: 0 = 1000000?!

Then we cannot find the solution of expression 0: 0 so and this expression has no decision. It turns out, zero cannot be divided into zero too.

Here to such interesting conclusions it is possible to come, having thought of the fact, known from initial classes: it is impossible to divide into zero.

Interested? Read up up to the end? Means, from - for such as you and the following vital joke appeared.

- Why it is impossible to divide into zero? It is possible to multiply, and too zero turns out.

- Why it is impossible? It is possible, only result of such division - infinity

- And why not zero?

- There now, look: 2*0 - it is two to take zero times, there will be zero. And is 2/0 how many times zero finds room in the two infinity.

- If 2/0= x, then 2= h*0, that is 2=0. And if 2=0, is meant by 2/0=0!

- There now that not to be engaged in such nonsense, mathematics also adopted the secret agreement: it is impossible to divide into zero!