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How to save in the conditions of crisis? We prepare the Italian paste

World financial crisis celebrates almost semi-annual anniversary, but mass media were already tired to blow loudly about it and passed to a hoarse saxophone. However in our heads pipe echoes, and thoughts do not cease to sound, feverishly being ahead of one another, merge in one question: how to survive during crisis?

In my family it sounds in the head of the head of the family (forgive for an involuntary tautology) - the husband. And I wonder even more often: how to save? Native mother since the childhood introduced in my head the thesis about what to save on own stomach, that is, on food - means, to affect the health.

Full - means, healthy - mother considered. However, introduced not only in vain, but also unsuccessfully. I ate a little, inertly, without appetite, and the excess spoon of porridge, vpikhnuty careful mother, caused absolutely unappetizing reaction called in the people of emetic. But I grew up harmonous and healthy - in sense, was not ill.

It is an introduction, and reality such is that my own children also spit on my theses and like to eat tasty and plentifully... Try save if they demand expensive raw smoked sausage thank you that not Spanish jamon. And macaroni, sorry, eats the Italian paste only Parmidzhano strewed with cheese, but not any unknown " brand; Russian it is also desirable in pesto sauce or the Bolognese. And to try to push through tomato ketchup will not leave, it is necessary to choke most with

At children good taste, and I do not try to re-educate them But to try to save I tried, and here that at me turned out.

The package of the Italian paste weighing 400 g costs in supermarkets from 50 rubles and above. For example, in the same Italy at such price it is possible to buy a package in 1 kg. Unfortunately, at us so far very seldom pack up macaroni in kilograms, and it is a pity. Besides economy of paper enormous. But, as Russians yet not guineas and even not makaronomana, producers do not risk.

Jars with pesto sauce put in supermarkets on the most top shelves. And correctly do, the rare hand of the buyer tries to reach them, here both there are they themselves and stand according to the high to the status.

And very expensive cheese of Parmidzhano with success his inexpensive fellow Parmezan made in Lithuania will replace.

So, having inspired by calculations, I rolled up sleeves and put on an apron. Provozivshis in the afternoon, prepared noodles for a week, and pesto sauce - have just a shower bath. Children ate greedily, and mother derived pleasure, looking at them. I attach recipes, maybe, to whom will be useful.

Noodles house

Egg (yolks) - 18 pieces, (be not frightened! noodles will last for a long time, and proteins with sugar in an oven, for a dessert).

Flour - 1 kg, salt to taste.

To vent everything in homogeneous mass, to oil vegetable and in the refrigerator for an hour, having closed food wrap. Further we roll dough, we cut on strips, we allow to dry up.

Children love multi-colored noodles therefore when mixing it is possible to add the wiped spinach or the browned tomato paste to dough.

Pesto sauce

- 3 bunches of a basil (it is necessary to descend on the market for the Caucasian Regan);

- 1 teeth of garlic;

- 2 tablespoons of pine nuts or walnut;

- 100 ml of olive oil.

All ingredients are in turn pounded in a mortar by means of a pestle. It is possible to charge this process to the blender. But classical Pesto prepares with use of a mortar and pestle, the verb pestare in translation from Italian means to trample down, pound, press . Sauce has to turn out dense.

There now, everything is ready, ecco fatto, buon appetito - as speak in Italy! Both children are full, and money is whole...