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How is to live? Health in a plate of

This article not only for those who want to grow thin. This article for all who want to be healthy and young the longest time. And this article not for lazy and weak-willed. Believe, in this life there is nothing costing that gets without efforts. It is impossible to grow thin, bursting in three throats. Is not present on light of miracle cures, having drunk which, you will become harmonous and healthy. Our health is a work. Everyday, every minute work. Overcoming of weaknesses and bad habits, training of will.

So, it - not a diet. It is a way of life.

The principles of the healthy food necessary for a normal human body are identical practically to all people. Not important, what you gender and age, what blood type at you, where do you live, what you believe in that you love how many and as you move. The main thing - that you were healthy. Well, or are generally healthy. Diets for certain groups of the citizens having a serious chronic illness, for pregnant women and the feeding women are developed by medicine according to their changed physiology and here are not considered.

First principle of healthy food: can be eaten and it is necessary often. It is necessary to give to the organism confidence that it will not be hungry and will surely receive the portion of energy in 4 - 5 hours. Otherwise it will postpone everything that you gave it, for emergency. Guess where? Having risen in the morning, it is necessary to have breakfast not later than in 2 hours after awakening. Having a snack not less than in 2 hours before going to bed - is also necessary. (If you do not eat after six, get used to lay down in eight. Otherwise the organism will feel that you starve and it is time to stock.)

Principle second: is not present to vegetarianism. The person - a predator, is required to it for normal functioning of 8 amino acids which are not contained in vegetable products and also the solid animal fats rich with saturated fatty acids. And cholesterol. Yes, cholesterol is necessary for us. All focus - in moderation. Even the most useful products cannot be abused. Besides gipovitaminoz, there are also gipervitaminoza. Any product can give you health, but if you take too much, can select him. If prevent to eat living beings to you beliefs, eat milk and dairy products.

Principle third: the evil of our diet is a coffee, alcohol, carbonated drinks (this is not about natural mineral waters), the products of a difficult cycle of conservation stuffed with additives for long storage. We litter with all these benefits of a civilization the inner world, and he it does not forgive us.

Fourth principle: water - life. The person has to use enough water daily. It takes out all that muck which we jostled the uncontrolled consumption there from our organism. The regular internal shower is necessary for all of us, so you should not feel sorry on it for waters. Also remember: water is not juice, not compote, not milk, not coffee and not broth. It - just water. It is possible - mineral. A maximum - tea without sugar. Think whether you will wash compote?

Principle fifth: the food has to be volume. It has to fill a stomach and create sense of fulness. Eating less than a kilogram of food a day, you upset an organism. But at the same time high-calorific products have to make a minimum in the used volume. A garnish is thought up not just like that. Look at the caloric content of 100 grams of boiled potatoes or macaroni in the reference book and be surprised.

And at last, sixth, the major principle - calories. Daily the person needs no more than 3000 kcal, and it at very active lifestyle. The average resident of the megalopolis burdened with all benefits of the grown lazy civilization quite will have 2000. Try to estimate how many calories you devoured at supper? You consider how many rubles a day spent why and not to consider how many calories per day you ate.

There are main principles to which the person wishing to rejoice longer to this world should adhere. And finally several practical recommendations about balance of a diet.

Daily use porridge from any grain, is hotter (soup or broth) are dishes, low-calorie high-volume very useful to digestion; vegetables (they it is more preferable than some fruit) or the fruit which grew in your region; dairy products and 100 - 150 grams of meat or fish. Avoid a large amount of fats (vegetable oil, margarine, fat) in cooking, refuse a food flood mayonnaise, believe, it also is so rather tasty, train the flavoring receptors.

It is not obligatory to refuse absolutely alcohol, but choose good wines. Red - normalize your blood circulation, white - will urge on kidneys. Only you remember - after 2 - x glasses medicine turns into poison.