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What to do with age, or the Main thing - smile!

Beauty is the eternity lasting a moment - Albert Camus said. But how here not to remember the better known phrase: Stop, the moment, you is fine! Also ask any of us which reached conscious middle age: what do we want most of all? And the majority will answer: we want to be healthy and beautiful. And, beauty in this case is not purely female prerogative as can seem at first sight. Because after thirty five to be beautiful becomes a synonym to be young .

Now the inconceivable number of beauty shops works in any city. To us promise to smooth wrinkles (which give not age more often, and it is rather - its understanding), to clean traces youth errors and in general to make us attractive.

And many of us, without philosophizing crafty, send themselves to the power of those who can (or, at least, promises) to balance our internal feeling and the appearance which is permanently lagging behind the first.

Visit of any beauty shop and passing of cosmetology procedures, with rare exception, nevertheless bears fruit. Whether for a long time is a question another. These procedures should be repeated again and again until even the most advanced means cease to work, unfortunately. And at this moment you remember that how many for all this it was spent.

There is one ordinary phrase: There would be health - the rest will be bought . one more Would be desirable to add: there would be also youth ( beauty ) . And it is valid: health, as well as beauty to buy it is quite problematic. But attempts to it are made by all - and nobody can be accused of it. As well as it is impossible to accuse those who sell it.

This cream is created personally by me - it has no analogs This means is brought from (usually it is some exotic country) - the most celebrated personalities " use it; - familiar recommendations? Undoubtedly. Whether they give effect? Quite perhaps. For example, personally one cream (gel) for daily use of cost in several as it is told, minimum wages was very recommended to me. A main issue - it is necessary to use constantly, in case of a break skin will return to a former look . The former look means in total at first - cosmetology cleaning (besides for the sum in several minimum wages), then obligatory purchase of cream - and not one! For the sun - this, in the morning - this, in the afternoon - this, at night - that . Feverishly summarizing the cost of all complex, you understand that it not only several your own minimum wages, but also several salaries of your acquaintances. As a result modestly you choose at least two means, but steadily you will come across on: Please! But the full-fledged effect will not be! It is necessary to pay tribute that quite often the effect (even from the chosen two creams), as they say, is available. But

All this the nonsense, here what is offered by me is - a crown slogan of any expert - the cosmetologist whom you address, especially after other cosmetologist. It is all the same that to replace the dentist. Each new doctor will surely accuse previous that he nearly ruined you. But if it is possible to hide badly sealed up teeth under a dzhokondovsky smile, then where to put wrinkles? Here it is better not to smile at all - you will explain not to all that these wrinkles - only mimic.

What at you with the person? - unexpectedly the missing cosmetologist in a hairdressing salon asks me. And what? - scaredly considering itself in a mirror, I am interested. Red some... It is an allergy? Well Perhaps from hot water? - not really well understanding knowledge of cosmetology, I justify myself. The verdict was unshakable: No! The allergy or - follows further long the definition entering into the horror passing into tetanus is obscure. - Well, nothing - come to me, I will correct . After depressive multi-day thoughts which are not dispelled even by a new hairdress you decide to go if not to the cosmetologist in an ordinary hairdressing salon, then to someone, recommended by someone, - as it usually happens.

Well - and . Just nightmare Same - further awful definition, on sounding why similar with " followed not exchange; gonorrhea . Having seen change of color of my person under a magnifying glass, the humorist - the cosmetologist burst out laughing: Nonsense You will come to reception to such - that After that, having grabbed heart, feverishly you begin to look for the cardiologist`s office, but such - that does not keep itself waiting long. Having listened to the diagnosis of the cheerful colleague, she lovely states: It is necessary to undergo all procedures because it But it for some reason sounded not as remembered my scared brain. But that doctor told another! The Cosmetologist looked not at me, and having determined by a professional look the layman, blurted out: Sure.. This same . Its verdict was from the category the sentence of court final and to the appeal is not subject : It will cost so much then for creams so much Repeated and regular procedures are desirable. And in general, it was necessary to come " long ago;. Long ago to come there was no opportunity owing to absence of these most several minimum wages but even after some improvement of financial position repeated procedures would mean full financial breakdown. Yes, with humour at us on reception at any doctor becomes very hardly, and at least initial procedure had to be undergone. The effect was, I will not hide, the salary disappeared for a good cause, but what to speak about those who visit similar cosmetology offices almost weekly if not daily?

Business on beauty? Undoubtedly. Also it is not necessary to be the professional expert on the bases of the economy not to know that demand gives rise to the offer. And than demand (at not so violently growing offer) - that is more than high price. And we will pay for beauty (read - youth) always. Yes, sale of simple creams at the fabulous prices - it, as they say, is the fact. And quite often it happens from the " series; to prescribe simple vitamins, but to tell that it is the only panacea from an illness . You will tell - but a mirror will not deceive! Of course, you will not deceive, but agree that the most important - with what spirit you approach it. If every day to try to discover new wrinkles, - then the failure is provided. And if you just smile to this mirror - that and it will smile to you in reply if there is someone who loves you such what you are.

And to cosmetologists (among whom and the truth desperate opponents to the nature occur) it is necessary only to wish not to forget the basic rule of Hippocrates Do not do much harm! Because then even hundreds of minimum wages will not wash away from our face their simple aspiration to a profit.