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How to choose the apartment on the Hair dryer Shui of

you decided to get own apartment. And of course, you have a desire to get a living space with the maximum characteristics of comfortableness for the available sum. And it is natural, you would like that your life in the new apartment developed happily that your house was filled with a cosiness, health and financial wellbeing did not leave you.

The ancient east doctrine Hair dryer Shui which is correctly applied at the choice of housing will help you with preservation and enhancement of favorable energy in your house.

So, we will begin. In - the first, you need a compass. Surely capture him with yourself, going to shows of future apartment. Masters the hair dryer Shui use for this purpose a special compass, but will quite descend also usual, the main thing that it was rather exact. The form of the case of a compass is more preferable square or rectangular.

First step: we are guided by districts. Approaching

the house attentively examine vicinities. Undesirable objects in close proximity: cemeteries and burials, memorials to the dead, prisons, industrial facilities. The safe hair dryer Shui is created by kindergartens and schools, parks and squares. If near the house there is a reservoir or the fountain, it is good that it was located before, but not behind the building, otherwise your material prosperity will be washed away. The water flowing in front of your house - the money flowing to you.

Pay attention what buildings and objects surround the house as they correspond in size. If behind the high massive building - it is good, but if it presses on the house from an entrance - it will be difficult for you to attract favorable energy of Qi to the apartment. Structures on each side also should not clamp your house, they can be higher and massivny, but not create feeling of pressure upon your dwelling. It is good if the right the building is higher than left.

Get up a back to an entrance to the building where your apartment is located. The hair dryer Shui of houses, the space before an entrance to which is freely and well looked through, is favorable. The tree which is sticking out directly before a door will become a serious barrier to Qi. Such arrangement when the Road rests directly against your house is also very adverse. It is an arrow of negative energy sha, in such house there will be no tranquility.

Step of the second: we are verified with parts of the world. Define

to what party the building facade is sent. The most favorable direction - the South, but if an orientation other - it is not terrible. The main thing that the direction of your entrance door did not coincide with the adverse parties of your number of Goa.

We enter the building. So, we at doors of the apartment necessary to us. Get up a back to a door and define in what direction you will leave the apartment. It is the main direction of your life, it is very desirable that it coincided with favorable according to your Goa. Otherwise you should fight with unsuccessful the hair dryer Shui all life. If in the apartment accommodation of a family is supposed, it is necessary to consider number of Goa of the head of the family and future owner of the apartment.

Also pay attention: the ladder which is going down directly to an entrance door, the refuse chute looking at a door, a rear entrance - all this is the bad hair dryer Shui, try to avoid it in every way.

Step the third: we get acquainted with planning.

If you, having hardly entered the apartment, buried at a toilet door, then all good entering this house will be washed safely away in the sewerage. Or refuse this purchase, or transfer a door in the course of repair. The long and narrow hall is also adverse. Having dispersed, Qi who entered the house will turn into black harmful energy of Sha. However this shortcoming quite gives in to adjustment by means the hair dryer Shui.

An optimum form of the apartment - a square or a rectangle. Choosing the apartment of irregular shape you throw out the whole spheres from the life. It is especially unpleasant if you throw out wealth, health, love... Of course, missing zones it is possible to correct by a rich arsenal the hair dryer Shui, but why to go a difficult way, it is possible to try to refuse unsuccessful apartments at once.

Pay attention in what side of the apartment the toilet, a bathroom, kitchen settles down. If the toilet or a bathroom are directly in the geometrical center of the apartment, it is the best of all to be developed and move off in searches of other options. The center of the apartment - its power kernel. Really you want that your life turned around a toilet bowl?

And at last, let`s look at windows. Of course, there is a wish to have a beautiful view of green plantings, reservoirs, architectural beauty, but in our megalopolises it is available not to much. However nevertheless arrows sha, directed to your dwelling, it is possible to avoid. Look whether watches in your party an acute angle of the building, a fence, whether sharp spikes, bars, other designs of the menacing look are sent to your windows. In principle, you can be protected from them by means of means the hair dryer Shui, but the less them will be, the it will be easier for you.

It is of course only small part of recommendations the hair dryer Shui for arrangement of the dwelling, but, I dare to hope, they will help you not to be mistaken with the choice and not to puzzle then from what it is so uncomfortable to you to live and as to correct everything.

Live happily!