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How to leave hibernation? Secrets of cheerfulness

the Spring goes, spring the road! And that on this road to walk surely and vigorously, and the feeling of flight was not only in soul, but also gait became flying - it is a high time to think of how to be stirred up from hibernation. I offer you the cheerfulness secrets checked by personal experience, effective and very budgetary.

During the spring period it is very expedient to maintain immunity by natural adaptogens (a ginseng, eleuterokokk, a magnolia vine). I always use ginseng tincture . She rescues me not only in the period of physical powerlessness, but also perfectly struggles with catarrhal diseases, and is especially good for their prevention. The pharmaceutical small bottle of a ginseng costs kopeks, and the effect is notable from the first day of application!

Cold water - vivifying force! She helps us to wake up, having banished the remains of sluggish drowsiness, to cheer up and look at the world with clearer eyes. Washing, douche or rubdown by cold water are good not only in the cosmetic purposes. Under the influence of contrastly low temperature the krovoottok in small vessels, a krovenapolneniye of internals improves. As a result, working capacity and activity increases.

Add in vodno - cosmetic procedures a peeling a coffee srub . Easily feasible in house conditions, this procedure does not concede to expensive saloon programs of toning and renewal of cells of skin at all. Dilute a coffee thick with a small amount of water, several drops of olive oil, honey. For mitigation of a srub I add to it and oat flakes. Pleasant massage and the invigorating coffee aroma will present you pleasure, and smooth as at the baby, skin is provided to you.

While we move - we live! Long walks in the fresh air, occupations in the hall, sport, dances, the pool. The energy spent for favourite business comes back a boomerang in the form of unknown inflow of forces and mood. Active recreation helps to restore much rather forces, than simple lying on a sofa.

Additional feed of an organism the happy menu will provide us . It consists of the products adding energy and owing to the useful components fills a stock of minerals, antioxidants, amino acids. Leaders of the products raising a vitality are nuts, bananas, chocolate (bitter), green tea, buckwheat, dates.

The collected fatigue and a dullness of winter everyday life we dilute with bright paints . Heads positive colors, certainly, orange. Shades of this juicy color scale are associated with fun, pleasure optimism and sociability. It gives feeling of the radiated solar energy and heat. This color is used not without reason at treatment of depressions. Add the bright and loved on color paint to the personal belongings (clothes, accessories or just use objects). From it at heart will become more hospitable also to you, and people around.

It is worth changing a habitual track, routine of affairs and cares in the spring, to bring novelty. New hobby, hobby, book, hairdress, love, eventually. Be surprised and learn this life anew, look differently at the inner world. And this feeling of on a threshold something new - perspective or fleeting - gives strong emotional lift and gloss in eyes.