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Why diets do not work?

Diet. This word today popularly more than ever. Probably, in the modern world there will be no person who not would sit on any diet. Diets so entered our life that became something like fashion. Let`s tell, two girls meet what they begin to speak about? About a diet, naturally. Every year appears so-called new superdiet and things are right where they started . It began to remind competition where everyone seeks to win, only where the winner?

Alas, the winner one - excess weight , and lost is the our organism exhausted and exhausted, and at times and torn. Happens that the damage caused to health by a diet cannot already simply be corrected, and a set of excess weight - only insignificant part of this damage.

Paradox, but, the more we keep to a diet, the more we grow stout. No, originally the result is, and we begin to lose hated kilograms, but then they by all means come back moreover on the way - another take a couple.

What we do in this case? The answer is known by many - go on other diet , even more effective (if to trust the girlfriend). This process can continue indefinitely, but result always one: organism exhaustion, set of extra kilos and starvation of mentality. Some fans of diets bring themselves to the real nervous breakdown, it also is clear

Why does that happen? Why diets do not bring desirable result and if it also is, then very short-term? To answer this question, it is necessary to understand the mechanism of work of our organism.

In - the first, any diet is a stress for our mentality . This violation of the settled way of life, change of habits. You are literally unsettled, primary sense of euphoria from representation to of that what you will become harmonous, quickly passes, leaving only irritability and aggression. One thought that you have to limit constantly yourself in food, causes in you constant feeling of hunger. You remember: everything that it is impossible, there is a wish!

But here, at last, your tortures ended, you really grew thin, and now it is possible to relax. What occurs further? I think, the majority reading these lines, know that in short terms you gain these kilograms moreover with " again; campaign . And you have an additional stress. And what is done by the person when is nervous? Correctly - eats!

It is a psychological aspect of aspect, and now we will consider physiological.

The diet is a stress for your organism . If you not just keep to a diet, but also starve, then you have to know that at the same time, first of all, are spent protein. The organism eats itself, spending the proteinaceous stocks - muscles. It conducts to the fact that your skin becomes flabby, with wrinkles. Immunity decreases, without sufficient receipt in an organism of protein production by an organism of antibodies decreases.

It is worth to remember that there is a number of vital substances which are not produced by a human body, and arrive only from the outside, with food. First of all, it belongs to such vitamins as B1 and B6, they participate in process of oxidation of fats and, as a result, in weight loss.

Reducing quantity of food at observance of diets, you deprive the organism of vital elements for providing a normal metabolism. Making the decision is less, you deprive the organism of vitamins and minerals. And, without knowing that, you wage war with own organism, causing it irreparable injury.

Owing to all this after the termination of a diet or starvation the organism begins to fill urgently shortage of the vital elements, at the same time gathering also a stock of fatty weight on a case of new starvation. As a result your weight not just comes back, but also increases.

Where exit? This exclamation of the people exhausted with a diet is similar to a cry about the help. Who passed through dietary circles of hell will understand me. Do not despair, an exit really is, and it absolutely nearby. Everything is very simple: you only then achieve resistant result when change of your preferences in food becomes not temporary, but to constants.

Do not hope that, having kept to a diet and having returned to food, habitual for you, you will not return to the kilograms - on the contrary, take on the way some more. If you want resistant result, once such principles follow:

In - the first, you have to use enough water at the rate of 30 ml on 1 kg of weight. All metabolism happen to water participation, at the same time with water slags and waste are removed from an organism. It is noted that the people using an insufficient amount of water suffer from an organism zashlakovannost. Enough water regulates digestion, it is a guarantee of a normal metabolism, and still an overeating exception guarantee.

Important : a half of standard daily rate of water needs to be drunk till a lunch.

In - the second, remember: the correct breakfast is a pledge of a slim figure and health. The breakfast has to consist not of a coffee cup with sandwich, and of full-fledged proteinaceous food. It can be cottage cheese, egg, etc.

Include proteinaceous products in each meal. Proteins not only help to control feeling of hunger (at their assimilation the brain receives a signal, and hunger disappears), but also optimize a metabolism at rest, supporting muscle bulk.

Standard daily rate of protein for your organism - 1,2 g on 1 kg of weight, at the same time 50% of protein have to be a phytogenesis.

Try to exclude from the use products with a high glycemic index. It is necessary that more vegetables, fruit and bean entered your diet.

And one more moment: it is necessary to reduce consumption by 500 kcal a day (do not forget at the same time, that the lower limit of reception - 1200 kcal a day).

Important : do not allow feeling of hunger. Is it is necessary in the fractional portions of 5 - 6 times a day.

He overdo in reduction of portions. As it is paradoxical, but, eating low-calorie food, minimizing the daily reception, it is lower than 1200 kcal, you stop weight reduction! Simply in our organism there is a mechanism protecting it from destruction. When he a long time does not receive necessary substances for normal functioning, protective mechanisms for decrease in level of a metabolism turn on that turns idea of weight loss into unattainable dream. As it is strange, the organism begins to burn everything, but only not fatty cages. And in case of a long diet or starvation the formed deficiency of vitamins and minerals leads to the fact that the body begins to reserve calories in the form of fat.

Pledge of a slim figure is regular trainings sport . Burning in day at physical activities 550 kcal, you will steadily lose on half a kilo a week. For this purpose physical activity has to make one hour a day, at least. If you regularly do not play sports, then lose muscular tissue, and in exchange receive fat. The statistics says that in 10 years average the man and the woman aged from 20 till 50 years lose from 3 to 5 kg of muscles and priobretayut 3 times more fat as the metabolism is slowed down with age. The spread of a figure is explained by it with age. Respectively, it is necessary to change habits in respect of food and to build up muscle bulk, otherwise fat will collect. The best way to grow thin - to gain muscle bulk. Muscle bulk burns in 5 times more of calories, than fat.

Conclusion : any diet will not help you if you do not change a way of life and the food. The main thing is not to grow thin, and to keep the achieved result for many years. A success formula - the balanced food with enough the drunk water and regular physical activity.