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Whether it is possible to see the living cave person?... Easily!

Ignorance of the specific citizen - the fact of its private biography, a subject for the newspaper feuilleton. The denial of data of science, its method and outlook which captured the whole social group at the end of the XX century including a great number of highly educated and obviously fairly clever citizens, - the public phenomenon and a subject for research work. ( Problems of fight against a pseudo science Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences).

... So, we a powerful gait entered the 21st century. One leg we stepped forward, everywhere introducing in life such inventions and objects and technologies resulting from them about which still some 30 years ago and to speak was ridiculous: the invisible planes, gene surgery, mobile communication, pocket computers, the direct reporting from a mars rover changing color of fabric, etc. Internet, eventually.

And other leg we deeply got stuck in a paleolith, and this leg got stuck somewhere even more deeply, than was at the time of Jules Verne, Brockhaus with Efron and Bekhterev.

In the 19th century the people committed to ideas of progress of a civilization or persons interested to seem those, just would feel ashamed publicly to admit that they consult on the astrologer or before the important report in Academy of Sciences put a candle to wonder-working Mikole Mirlikiysky. About the believing scientists led by Einstein I should not tell here: quotes where scientists go to bat in the belief - falsification, their words are taken out of often opposite context or fabricated by removal of a particle not . We will be engaged in it separately.

But I generally not about it. I about paleolith remnants, that is the early Stone Age which with interest I observe in people around. Here and so you talk to the sweetest person, and he suddenly as skazant something - fathers, the primitive person. Or you watch TV, a product of science and equipment of the XX century, and from there - the primitive shaman. Advertizing - here generation of the latest times! And what is advertized: here just praised up-to-date equipment, and nearby lo and behold - the clairvoyant the fortuneteller will carry out a love spell and will sell cheap amulets and charms.

Read, J. Frezer , remarkable religioved and the ethnologist, the author of many classical books on ethnography about beliefs of primitive people:

The Sorcerer is sure that the principles finding practical application in its art operate also inanimate nature. In other words, it assumes that laws of similarity and contact extend not only to acts of man, but have general application.

At the same time it must be kept in mind that the primitive sorcerer knows magic only from its practical side. He never subjects to the analysis thought processes on which its actions are based, never reflects over the abstract principles concluded in them. As well as most of people, he argues the same as digests food - in full ignorance of rather intellectual and physiological processes necessary for thinking and for digestion. Well, the magic is for it art, but not science; the idea of science is absent in his undeveloped mind. (J. Frezer, Gold branch ) .

Better also you will not tell about all these removals of damage according to the photo, rolling-out of a fright egg, plot of notes on a love spell of money, an instillation under a threshold of frog bones and reasonings about covers too. People as from a carving broke - believe in any nonsense like horoscopes or a malefice, and trust especially devoutly, revel in the wild belief, and somehow is even agitated hate logic and reasonings. Some just never tried to argue, and in that place of a brain where people have a cone of logical thinking, they cut deeply out the slogan: did not trust in radio earlier, and now it is, all the rest means too can be . Others try to think somehow that in itself is already laudable, but do it somehow sideways.

Take though these notorious power covers (they are auras etc.) . Is at the person, whether you understand, some radiation, and here if to break it, then it also will be malefice it chip of a power cover . Well, let us assume, that the organism has some weak biofields, in cages there is some electric charge, some an alpha - rhythms even if (the devil with you) we precisely radiate a magnetic field and eventually heat. That is it is possible, roughly speaking, to call the person by the generator of this weak field. Here yet there is nothing wild. You never know still biologists, physicists and chemists will open. But hereditary prophetess of Fizdimey which we see every day in advertizing, already long ago mastered all this and even learned to darn holes in this most to a cover on what forges not sickly kopek. Even here, on ShZh, it is full of articles where argue about covers, radiation from the person and as it is dangerous to spoil .

People, drink cold mineral water and come round: since what time the generator of the field (any) is influenced with what occurs with radiated by it weed? You saw that the magnet ceased to magnetize from the fact that it was cursed a mat? Or the battery was quicker discharged for offense on the fact that it was inserted not into the kind hare - an enerdzhayzer, and in spiteful rubber to Ktulkh? Where here feedback? The generator generated the field, radiation left, calories dissipated, photons and electrons took off. And what happened to them further whether they departed to space or stuck in a wadded dushegreyka - it is CAN already affect NOT generator.

Adherents, of course, will object that the person not the battery and not the turbine, and he has a soul and morals. Truly, at some is, but at people, but not at fields and radiations! From mind, perhaps, you poskhodit, arguing about kind and angry energy? Same just some kindergarten, word of honor. And to evil and kind atoms nearby...

Even it is difficult to tell, what is worse: frank unsociableness of times of primitive tribes - amulets and plots - or this semi-scientific, about kind energy (the word energy is everywhere replaced with absolutely inappropriate word of the power engineering specialist), vindictive water, destruction of some protective covers etc. In the people, for example, say that taught less worse than uneducated. And happens worse...

Here the Milling cutter - the expert. He explains:

The Most ancient form of religion is the magic representing a number of symbolical actions and rituals with spells and ceremonies. A kind of magic is the belief in supernatural properties of material things, both natural, and made the person, and also belief that the actions made over the image of a subject (being) are reflected also in the most this subject.

So as you will see advertizing of treatment according to the photo, you will hear about a malefice and damage or you will read article about the fact that the stone amethyst is especially useful to arieses and goats because it strengthens them power protection - You can be sure of that: before you the cave person the Neanderthal man celebrates a ceremony of sympathetic magic.

However, about Neanderthal men I will separately write, they are not guilty of anything. Rather our, native tribal shamans are kromanyonets from an our cave (from cave depth amicable chorus of fans of incognizable: And all - it so well helps those who trust in it! ...)