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Mukla`s dolls. From where they undertook?

Once upon a time there was a girl - Polina Voloshina. After the termination of the VGIK she was engaged generally in the fact that she scripted for series. But once Polina formed the dough into a doll. Here - that everything also began Polina Voloshina it were never pleasant to

too smiling Barbie, and the made of dough doll was, perhaps, the complete antithesis of Barbie. So the first similarity of a doll of Mukla was born. Polina very much was surprised when her suggested to be engaged in release of such here unusual dolls, she did not know as it becomes. But the idea of emergence of a doll of Mukla made very great success!

And here at the end of 2006 the first collection of these surprising plastic beings was born. Thin angular girls - teenagers with chubby lips and surprising persons. In the first collection there were only five girls: Eve, Victoria, Yulia, Aemilia and Maria. At each of them the difficult history. The legend which is thought up by creators.

Mukla - very unusual, nonconventional. They cannot even be compared to habitual Barbie. These dolls of hardly anyone - that will leave indifferent though emotions can cause the most various - from delight to indignation. Mukol has both admirers, and ardent opponents.

To call Muklami`s girls Artemy Lebedev who participated in creation of the website for Polina Voloshina and her dolls thought up. Went to Lebedev`s studios also mukolny photoshoots. And here of Mukol Polina Voloshina thought out biographies together with the famous writer Linor Goralik. Stories of girls turned out very unusual and unlike at each other. Mukol unites only one - all of them are rich girls whom parents for some reasons sent to the closed college.

In 2007 there was the second collection Mukol. For many it became big surprise, with release of the first collection many prophesied failure to Polina Voloshina`s project. However forecasts of not fans Mukol did not come true. Mukla find all great popularity. It is possible to buy these dolls now not only in boutiques and toy stores of Moscow, but also even the abroad, for example, in France.

Each doll of Mooqla is on sale in a nominal box together with the certificate and the printed-out biography. In each collection six absolutely different dolls. Girls from the last - the third collection, more friendly and smiling, than Mukla from the first two collections. But, what girls in the first two collections not really cheerful, does not spoil them at all. Different dolls, different collections. Someone likes one, to someone another more.

About Mukol is written and told much. Go online and look for information on Mukla in any searcher. You will find a set of forums which and teem with messages it seems: Mukla - a doll for pedophiles and promotion of anorexia! or Mukla - a doll with a child`s face of the oligophrenic person . I agree with opinion that Mukla is a provocation and a call to the whole world of toys. But it, Mukla, teenager! And the provocative defiant behavior is peculiar to teenagers in awkward age.

Of course, Muklu cannot call the beauty. But this doll has full authority for existence. Hundreds of people are in love with Mukol, dream of them, save up money. Personally I am very grateful to Polina Voloshina for creation of this surprising doll of Mukla.