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What to the country - Monchegorsk?

As waves - mountains on the way,

I are farther than the mountain.

Along them to row with lakes -

Tam will be the city .

V. Okladnikov

my History - about to the Polar region pearl

of the City which was born from tears was not yet And there was at the Sami a fairy tale - about the silver maiden...

A vein beyond Kandalaksha the girl. She ran quicker than a deer. And in Lovozero there lived a young man, in speed - wind the rival. This young man decided to marry swift-footed. But the girl ran away into mountains, and it could not catch up with the fugitive. Became exhausted and died. Then began to cry swift-footed silver tears. Wind carried around her tear. Since then in mountains between Lovozero and Kandalaksha infinite riches lay.

But here modern times came, and in mountains where the silver maiden cried, the new fairy tale was born. Life put it. The ancient storyteller the Sami, the primordial inhabitant of the Kola earth and its first chronicler, has to be, did not make out where there was a silver where nickel. Nickel can shine too. Geologists made out. Near the Lake Imandra they found both nickel, and cobalt, and copper, and iron. And here, to get underground treasures, came to Monche - the tundra brave subjugators of the North.

So our city - Monchegorsk, in translation from the Lappish language - " began; pearl, beautiful tundra . I was born in this city. It mine - native, this small oasis among a severe northern country.

One artist told that if he was asked to represent symbolically Monche - the tundra, he would draw herbs on a stone. Quite so: in the gloomy region of a stone, cold and polar night on podsolic soils reach for light of a grass, flowers blossom and trees grow. Where, apparently, all live has to die, life, tenacious and irrepressible, makes the way through any adversities.

And our city on the bank of the picturesque Lake Imandra, the biggest lake of the Kola Peninsula was located. I do not speak to myself: It is Imandra, the mountain lake no, I only drink this eternal tranquility... I know that the lake is high over the earth that here now the sun does not descend from the sky that all is illusive here and is pure, all this because it is very high over the earth, almost in the sky - M. M. Prishvin so described the impressions of the lake.

The ring of mountains which surround all city supplements a picture. Khibiny Mountains - one of the most ancient mountains (their age exceeds 3 billion years), snow is seen on their tops even in July. And even in the summer at us always light-. The sun shines day and night. In the winter these days it leaves a sky. The first rays appear only in the middle of January.

All this nature. And what city? And it - as true pearl the natural material which harmoniously fitted into the magnificence of the North surrounding it.

A symbol of our city - a sculpture of an elk, the owner of the tundra. It we once came to its possession are people. Came, but beauty did not break. It is represented on a municipal coat of arms. Vertically the coat of arms is divided into two fields - blue at the left, red on the right. In the lower part of the coat of arms, under the image of an elk, the metallurgical ladle - one more symbol of Monchegorsk is located. On entry into the city you will be met by the subjugator Monche - the tundra - the metallurgist. Their work, on one of the largest it is mountain - the metallurgical enterprises of the world, also precious metals are got color. The city and KGMK (Kola it is mountain - the metallurgical company) are strong connected. One will live, also another will prosper.

And what people, integral attribute of the city? They, despite a frigid climate of Far North, will warm the southern heat of soul and hospitality of heart. And still they are quiet and sure of themselves. Only the severe and nepokorimy tundra can form such character.

Here such it, northern corner of Russia. Monchegorsk - a small edge of the big country.