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Mukla`s dolls. Who are they?

On stories of creators, Mukla are girls - teenagers from very rich families, parents sent them to study in the special closed college in the town of Millver - Oaks. All girls very strange, at everyone the legend, the history full of secrets and riddles.

Eve remembers nothing Mukl from the antecedents and awfully is afraid of water. Mukla Yulia walks in a suit of the Russian guerrilla. And Mukla Maria sets fire to paper the look. Their stories shock a little, but if to ponder, can seem that girls just want to attract attention. The real teenagers with difficult teenage characters.

The creator of these surprising and unusual dolls - Polina Voloshina. In its workshop every day several people work on creation of unique mukolny images. By the way, almost all Mukla were created on an image of real people. So be not surprised if tomorrow you meet the girl very strongly similar to your Mukla on the street.

These dolls hardly it is possible to call toys. They are the most real persons, little men with different destinies and characters. They are united by one - all of them are awful women of fashion with difficult characters. At once it is visible that these dolls have a soul. But all this inside, and that outside?

Mukla represents very qualitative (and expensive - from 12 000 rubles) quite large author`s doll of 40 cm in height, very mobile, thanks to nine available hinges. It is convenient to Mukl to change clothes, it can give any pose with ease. Perhaps, thanks to hinges, these dolls also look such live, unlike eternally smiling Barbie who even properly is hardly capable to bend legs.

Material of which these dolls are made rather heavy, is heavier than usual plastic and very nice on the touch, as if velvet. That is why Mukol it is so pleasant to hold in hand. By the way Mukla slightly more than 1 kg - very solid weight for a doll weighs. Well and of course, speaking about Mukl, it is necessary to mention her eyes. At Mukl surprising very realistic eyes!

Of course, Mukla is a doll on the fan, not everyone will like it. That who never saw these dolls I would recommend to begin acquaintance to Muklami from the last collection. Girls from this collection seem to me the most friendly unlike Mukol from the first two.

Mukla Nastya from a new collection presented to my twelve-year-old niece for New Year. The pleasure of the girl was not a limit. Now she practically does not leave the Nastya. Girls do homework, sometimes walk and are photographed, watch TV and even sleep together. And to put to bed Nastya it is necessary in a pajamas. And before going to bed my niece is secretive with Nastya about boys. Each teenager has such secrets which he can tell only to such here Nastya, girlfriends will never surely stir up secret, and a doll -.

Small children hardly correctly will understand Mukol. Too specific appearance at these dolls. And toy To Mukl to call difficult. Personally Mukla seem to me rather full members of society, than toy characters. So, for example, for Barbie it is possible to think up any history, to force it to play any role. Mukla will not play others role. It has the history, the legend which as it seems to me, is ideally suited for it.

I think that Mukla most of all suits not children and not adults, namely teenagers, her age-mates and coevals. And that Mukla not the dazzling smiling beauty with an ideal figure, only plus. Teenagers always have complexes concerning the appearance. Ideally beautiful doll - the picture can only strengthen this complex, and Mukla on the contrary - will add self-confidence. Mukla too the teenager - thin, angular, not the beauty, but such resolute and self-sufficient!

We will return to a legend Mukol. All of them are strange girls. At each Mukla, as well as at each teenager, the cockroaches in the head. And it is possible, Mukla for the teenager will become something big, than just strange doll. Remembering itself 13 - summer, with confidence I can tell that Mukla would give me a lot of things, be she at me at that time. I will tell even more, at me would be much in common with this doll. Huge plus is also Mukla`s size, she is larger than a standard Barbie doll and it is more similar rather to the little man too, than to a doll.

Perhaps, mothers want that their daughters - teenagers stored at themselves on the shelf of teddy bears or porcelain princesses. But often Mukla for the teenager is more congenial, than any other toy. However, it does not say that she will become the only toy in a nursery of the teenager. Mukla perfectly get on with teddy bears and other lovely knickknacks. Partly because Mukla not just toys. They it is more, than toys. They are persons.

When I for the first time saw Mukla, she strongly surprised me. It is impossible to tell that the doll was pleasant to me at once. But, if to stay with Mukla it is a little alone, to take her by a hand, to stroke on the head, you begin as if it is better to understand it. Mukla is the most ordinary teenager, with character peculiar to the teenager. And it seems to me that most of girls from 12 to 17 years would be glad to communicate to such interesting doll.

Mukol has many opponents. These dolls are not pleasant to much. But, before telling about them something bad, get acquainted with them personally. Mukla on the picture or the photo and real Mukla is the not so same!