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Eels. Problems?


tormented Me spots from 10 years... I hesitated etc. I think to you it is not necessary to say that spots do not decorate the person! But at everyone the problem of emergence of spots:

For example: the cosmetics does not approach, or you do not wash away before going to bed, gastritis or other diseases of a stomach, the excessive use of sweet, flour etc. There is a lot of problems, but it is necessary to be defined what. Were defined? If YES that I help you to get rid of spots:

First of all it is necessary not to be lazy DIFFERENTLY NOT WHAT SPOTS AT YOU WILL not PASS (take the word). So, you are not lazy, want to get rid of spots, then read up up to the end. First of all it is necessary to exclude from the diet farinaceous food, sweet, fast - foot, chips, etc. I understand there is a wish. but that more: will get rid of spots (which torment you years) or to eat a package of chips, and then stand at a mirror and to speak: Here pancake, honey agarics a spot got out!? And so, First of all it is necessary to make the food allowance correctly. It is 1. 2- it is necessary to play active sports (it is desirable every day) for example, to go in sprot the hall, the pool. If there is no such opportunity, it is better to do house gymnastics. 3 - To breathe fresh air (at least 30 minutes a day). If you absolutely busy person, work to reach on foot work etc. 4- Of course it is necessary to have a rest! Always it is necessary to plan the day. That loading was not so heavy. And it is necessary to sleep at least 8 hours a day. Then the fatigue will not be, not wrinkles under eyes. All this of course is useful, but it is necessary to look after face skin carefully. In the morning carefully to wash a face, and in the evening, except washing, it is possible to use ice, but so not to burn!

Exists many preparations from acne rash, but not to everyone it on a pocket. But even at all this use, it is necessary to do everything that I described above (surely). Then health will be as it should be and no spots will disturb you.

I Want to recommend you several means against eels. I tried much and everything did not help. But I can offer several means to you: " gel; " Propeller; (about 90 rub), " gel; Garnyer (about 140 rub), cosmetics Vichy (about 600 rub), Zenerit, Metrogil, Differin, soap on the basis of a tea tree (remarkable means! about 400 rub) But it is better to descend to the dermatologist behind council.

I can prompt to you neskoloko masochek:1. Bee pollen + a spirulina + a bee uterine milk + an extract from wheat sprouts. Components mix up with a small amount of water, are applied on skin and maintained before full drying then are washed away.

In drugstores meet complexes which part all these components in a pure natural form without any impurity are. Very conveniently

2. Very well tightens and smoothes face skin such a maska:perlovka to grind in flour, to make (to pour flour to boiled water, not on the contrary), minutes through 15, warm to put on a face for 20 minutes, to do week in a week. The effect is tremendous.

3. The recipe very simple - ready cream of wheat is put on the cleaned face for 15 - 20 minutes, then to wash away. In 1 minute to rejoice in front of the mirror!

4. The simple method if face skin is shelled: to take dry skin cream - to heat it in a tablespoon, to add 2 drops of vitamin A in oil, to stir and apply on skin.

Effect tremendous!

5. The parsley cut and frozen. Evenly to wipe with ice pieces face skin and necks twice a day.

6. The moistening mask from milk (cream) and boiled potatoes for the combined face skin: the mask prepares from the mashed boiled potatoes with milk (for fat skin) or cream (for dry skin). Mix has to be warm

7. A house mask from a sage for the combined skin: 2 h l. sage, 2 h l. lime color, 200 ml of milk, 1 tablespoon of starch. To fill in a sage and lime color with milk, to bring to boiling, to insist 5 - 10 min. Further to filter broth through a strainer, to mix grass mix with starch and to put on a face for 15 min. To wash away the filtered broth. Herbs it is possible to use also others.

Councils and a wish

from me are not lazy, make all tests, on blood, on sugar, everything will turn out, I sincerely understand you and I wish you not to despair at all!!! Drink kefir and sour-milk, only not milk less nuts, in general all moderately.

Remember that you not one with such problems. I shed so many tears from - for it is to the enemy will not wish... I advise to descend to the gynecologist, it is possible that it is a hormonal background and will prescribe you hormones.

But the main thing not to be given, any even the most expensive foundation will not replace healthy skin. It it is necessary to treat and fight against it.