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Gift by the World day of the writer: how to fulfill technical requirements of the editor?

on March 3 - day special for those who are able not just to write and to write so that written others wanted to read. Congratulations!

the World day of the writer was initiated by the international PEN - club in 1986 - m to year with the purpose to create conditions of creative freedom for the people writing out of political systems, installations and strict censorship to give the chance to authors to state the point of view, the opinion of the world. And, as authors when the point of view is stated and put at the end of work know well, it is a high time to publish this work. Let this material will become some kind of gift by a holiday of writers - the hint which will make a way to the publication shorter and more comfortable.

So, any edition has certain requirements. Rather rigid. In particular, it requirements for amount of information in article and on clearness of the text.

Quantitative data

If necessary can be counted as

, of course, quantity of signs in the article hands . It will occupy decent amount of time. And at each subsequent change it is necessary to recalculate everything since the beginning. Work is ungrateful.

But it is possible to use the benefits of a modern civilization. For example, in a text editor most popular today in the " menu; " Service; there is a line Statistics . We cause this function and we see several useful parameters. In particular, Signs (with gaps) . This parameter shows us that quantity on which restriction in the project is exposed.

For convenience of work on a form of statistics it is possible to press a button " Panel;. There is a constant panel with one of controlled parameters. It is possible to choose one of available from the dropping-out list. For example, our darling, Signs (with gaps) . However, in need of check, all the same it is necessary to reap on a button Recalculation . It is located on a panelka on the right.

Ease of reading

If necessary can use

also other gifts of a civilization. We can receive them on the website of the Google resource popular today. Namely having used such product as of Google Documents .

During creation of the text document the menu similar on considered earlier opens. In the menu Tools the Statistics function. However except quantitative functions we see also functions on Ease of reading there. These are the following functions:

the Average number of offers in the paragraph

the Average number of words in the offer

Average quantity of symbols in the word

the Average number of words on the page.

On these points can be judged that, the created text is how available to perception.

But the most interesting waits for us if we pass to interface English. It becomes on the main page of service by a " function call; " Settings;. English gets out of the dropping-out list. After that the button " is pressed; To Keep . It is possible to choose any option of English.

Function we use the same. There is it in the " menu; Tools also is called Word count . But in the list opening in a window three additional positions appear:

Flesch Reading Ease

Flesch - Kincaid Grade Level

Automated Readability Index.

are tests of ease of reading. They represent the special formulas intended for an assessment of ease of reading texts. They are urged to replace with themselves the text assessment which is carried out by the person.

big figures show texts, easier for reading, in the Flesch Reading Ease test , and low - more difficult texts. For example, the text with an indicator more than 90 is available to the child of 11 years, and the text with an indicator from 0 to 30 is available to people with the higher education.

The Flesch test - Kincaid Grade Level is not really interesting to us as it is adaptation previous for compliance to classes at the American school. For example, the test result equal to eight corresponds to understanding of the pupil of the eighth class.

The Automated Readability Index test gives figure of the corresponding class of school. It is similar to the previous test. Though other formula is used. It is also poorly interesting to us.

For an example. Quantity of signs of this text more than 4 300. The Flesch Reading Ease test makes 111. It means that the text can be understood by the pupil of high school.

However it is necessary to treat with care these tests. They are intended for a text assessment in English. The ratio of lengths of words and quantities of syllables in Russian differs a little.

by What are still interesting to Google Documents?

This service allows not only to create and control documents. With its help it is possible to organize collective work on the document. At the same time it allows to control completely access to the created texts and tables. For example, the document can be available only to the author or is available to all. If necessary access can be provided to specific users of service. Thus, several people can take part in writing of article. The changes made by everyone are fixed automatically.

The document can be inserted into the website realized by means of service of Google the Websites . It allows to create the websites with convenient filling of contents.

the Conclusion

Writing of article - creative process. Both the inspiration, and knowledge of a subject is necessary. But also purely technical control of contents is also necessary. And the simple technical means provided by popular text editors can help with it.

Inspiration to you and self-checking!