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What is Polotsk charm or As Belarusian skilled workers sew The World in equipment a patchwork?

In a literal translation from English patchwork (patchwork) designates confusion. In ours (that is, Russian-speaking) Wednesday the overseas term appeared rather recently, having forced out native and intuitively clear phrase " from use; scrappy sewing . What for? Syllogism. At desire it can give definition one more ultrafashionable foreign word - rebranding.

Davny - long ago skilled workers from the people sewed scraps of fabric in motley integral cloths not of entertainment for the sake of. And not from intolerable desire to self-express in equipment of a combination of invoices and colors. As the reason of homebrew creativity served the banal lack of money, the constrained financial position. In other words - poverty.

A rag to a rag, you look - in the house of the zealous hostess that new blanket will appear, a cloth, a cover, cheerful shirts for numerous children. Some Cinderellas so became skilled in art to assembly textiles that quality their scrappy cloths did not concede to factory cuts. And if the talent of figurativeness of expression of feelings and the imagination was added to experience, sewing skills and the compelled rukotvorstvo, then the real masterpieces were to the world.

Beauty beauty, the practicality a practicality, and, nevertheless, was assigned to scrappy sewing bitter glory of craft of the poor. To modern needlewomen in the course of creativity the tsar - the maidens embroidering with gold on a velvet or pearls on silks is much more pleasant to feel fantastic. It is not less. Here - that on revenue the western term " also was; patchwork . Turned scrappy sewing in something special, ultrafashionable is banal, is exclusive - exclusive. Even began to sound somehow in a new way, reminding of nobility of expensive brocade fabric.

Here as it is impossible by the way also the world hobby for ecostyle was necessary . Nowadays all fashionable has to be the most natural - products, clothes, accessories, home decoration. And the most organic, fitting into the general ecological environment. Such concepts as ecofashion and, respectively, ecochic became current . And after them on the world the next wave of interest in national crafts swept. A patchwork again at unprecedented height.

Demand, as we know, gives rise to the offer. At the famous masters scrappy to be sewed is not present a release from persons interested to join to a hand - meyd production. And from those who wish also to master knowledge of ancient craft. Besides, ethnic traditions are, as a rule, densely powdered with romantic dust of the past. Many believe in supernatural abilities of the things created manually. In special energy of masters - creators, vstrochenny between scrappy seams, accumulated on fabric together with a list, an embroidery, decorative patterns and application.

The Belarusian skilled workers from Polotsk club Roshva consider, for example, that any thing created manually (it is obligatory with sincere love and pure thoughts), is capable to turn in preserved. And if to involve not one master, but a set in creation, then and the protective force of a thing - a charm will repeatedly amplify. To such an extent that will be able to cover from troubles, diseases and misfortunes the whole city.

In confirmation of this theory of the lady - needlewomen decided to create to 1145 - to the anniversary of native Polotsk a unique cloth of handwork. The idea was following: to mount Polotsk charm from separate details (scrappy panels of the standard size - 4545 cm) . Subjects for creativity masters were allowed to use the most different. The main thing that ciphered in patterns - ornaments a patchwork - the message went from heart and with all the heart.

Everyone from any country of the world without restrictions could take part in the project. About it it was reported in a press - the release published in mass media. The idea was pleasant to the people. Also parcels with scrappy pictures, touching letters with wishes of happiness to both the city, and inhabitants of Belarus, and people of all planet departed to Polotsk.

To an anniversary (on June 2, 2007) as well as it was promised, needlewomen of " club; Roshva sewed all received details in a uniform panel which area made more than 70 sq.m. It was shown Polotsk charm in free access on city streets - the birthday man, everyone could see it. Then he received a constant registration in the local Center of crafts and national cultures. Attached to an unusual exhibit also the list of all masters who took part in creation international a miracle - a gift.

You think, project history on it ended? No. It only gained steam. Soon from Polotsk the charm went to travel through towns and villages of Belarus, then more than once left the countries. And parcels with scrappy messages everything went and went. Go still.

Polotsk charm grows by leaps and bounds. At the beginning of 2009 its size exceeded 90 sq.m. According to January data, the grandiose man-made panel consists of 427 details created by masters from Belarus, the countries of the FSU and beyond. The youngest participant of the project hardly was 7 years old, and the most senior passed for 85 for a long time. All needlewomen of the world tried wonderfully well. But there are such works which strike not only traditional equipment of a patchwork. The participant from Minsk, for example, embroidered the picture in the marvelous flowers from natural stones. And the masters from Argentina who sent in Roshva a parcel an express diplomatic pouch, put to a panel a capsule with the red earth of the Homeland.

In 2012 the city of Polotsk is going to celebrate the scheduled anniversary - 1150. Skilled workers of " club; Roshva believe that by this time the quantity of man-made panels of a unique charm will make the same figure - 1150. Though, it is not excluded that details it will be much bigger.

Perhaps and you had a desire to join the wonderful project? Then send the patchwork - works to the Polotsk Center of crafts and national cultures for the address: 27, Lenin St., Polotsk, Belarus.