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What we love Paris for?

About Paris can be talked endlessly. There are people who always sought to visit there, but circumstances did not develop in any way. There are those who even do not dare to dream of this city of dreams, but there are no those who would be indifferent to this stately, proud and at the same time hospitable, plowing up towards to all the streets - wings, to the city.

Recently I understood, than Paris so incredibly bewitches me that is in it that distinguishes it from hundreds of the most beautiful and unique cities of the world, from noisy Cairo, from many-sided Istanbul, graceful Stockholm, is from what takes the breath away, - corners of houses - as noses of the ships. When you come to the next intersection, the feeling is created that on you the huge liner moves in full operation, and these liners zapolonyat all space. And here you any more not on the habitual land, you - in sea harbor in the middle of huge noses of the ships because the Parisian intersections quite so look. And any house reckoning to uneven Parisian streets is similar to the ancient floating giant towering over you.

It is impossible to speak about Paris systemically. In it there is too much unexpected, having something in common with different eras and historical events. It is impossible to speak about it also from the point of view of a boring opisatelstvo. Therefore readers will forgive me or not, but Paris for me is a part of my soul. My heart. Which fights is accelerated and tremblingly when I remember this kind and majestic miracle.

I will begin with history. One of the most beautiful and captivating places of Paris is the island Site. Exactly there, according to the legend there were also pioneer settlements of the people calling themselves parizeyam. The island is this, Caesar, irrepressible in the aspirations to conquest of the world and expansion of borders of own knowledge, subdued and named Lutetia. In Latin lupus means - a wolf. And wolves were found in those places much and even the well-known gloomy Louvre which seems the center of Paris now, once was constructed at own risk in the place, remote from the rendered habitable areas. Also received the name which in French sounds and now as Le Liu .

The first mentions of Paris belong to the first century B.C. So it is rather young city. In any case, in comparison with Rome, Athens, even London, well and, of course, east capitals, such as, for example, eternal Damascus. Though if to compare it to other European capitals - Berlin, Amsterdam, Warsaw or Moscow, then it, undoubtedly, has longer history. About the cities new generation it is not necessary to speak even.

As well as all ancient cities, Paris changed, reconstructed, lost something well-known to us from historical events. Unfortunately, the well-known towers Tampl - a haven of Templars, a fatal Nelsky tower did not remain. And even, in general, innocent, the Bastille which was erected as the strengthening, necessary to protect the city from invasions, and became only then prison. By the way, her creator became the first prisoner of the Bastille.

But which - that from the old times blowing as ancient legends, in Paris remained. This is, of course, incomparable Notr - I Will give. This cathedral was persistently and laboriously erected by more than hundred years. Sculptures of kings on a facade remind of heroic history of France. Its greatness, and years of decline. That during centenary war for long time British became owners of Paris. About what one kings lost not only the capital, but also the state, others, on the contrary, could return in parts lands and former greatness. History of Paris is a lesson to many generations of inhabitants of the earth how there are a lot of forces and how many lives it is necessary to put to weave the smallest patterns of history of which the people could be proud and as it is easy, at one stroke it is possible to destroy everything.

On the contrary Notr - the Lady is a small circle, having got up on which, it is possible to make a wish and, according to a belief, it will surely come true. I do not doubt that all met similar places - a tree of desires, the bridge of desires, a well of desires. I will not tell about all such sights, but in a case with Parisian Notr - Damme my wishes made about it came true always.

About a cathedral always crowds of tourists. But when you come under the enormous cool arches, everything is somehow dissolved before greatness of the ancient temple. Such feeling at me did not arise even in St. Peter`s Cathedral in the center of Rome. Here it is possible to stay alone with himself, to sit quietly on service, without doubting that when you came, there will be enough places surely. And to leave, without attracting anybody`s condemning looks, it is possible any minute. Me as the person who got used to orthodox churches at Catholics is struck that there is a full confidence to parishioners. It is impossible that someone made you the remark for unseemly, from their point of view, a look in the temple, for ignorance something. Always will approach you, will politely explain. Will help.

The most improbable is what is NOT SOLD there by church candles. They are simply exposed in modest corners along walls. The inscription says how many everyone costs, and the imperceptible box into which you can throw coins stands nearby before taking a candle. But it already business of your conscience and relationship good luck, but not church control. And especially, zealous attendants will not be able if even wanted, right there to blow out your candle as it is done in Russia everywhere that right there again to resell it. By the way, candles are in the transparent glasses protected from casual wind which could blow into them accidentally For the educated western public, probably, mine are unclear amazement, but I, living in Russia, so got used to that picture of greed and abuses, to long lines for candles, especially for church holidays that democratism of Catholics really strikes.

Notr - Damov in France a little. Is also beautiful, but not really large in Nice, is in Grass. It only those which I saw. However, is available pass - Notr - I Will give also in Paris. There in general there are a lot of ancient temples. Silent, monumental. In them you feel that you really adjoin to history and can be, and good luck.

On it allow to finish the first digression to Paris.