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To whom pancakes with caviar? Pip - show proceeds

the Time, it is time to tell the people the truth. It is impossible to fight against crisis by the same staff which this crisis also suited. Well the same people small business cannot snub at first, and then restore it. Specialists in a pileniye of budgetary funds at the same time at the same time are not capable to be good anti-recessionary managers. It is impossible to turn fund of future generations into fund of a zatykaniye of today`s holes.

Any normal hostess will not entrust the drunk plumber repair of the broken crane. Very few people will decide to fly by plane at which steering wheel the studied less vocational student. Let it at the same time and three times member of ruling party.

If our government in September, no, did not retire, and at least went to have a rest for several months to the favourite Krasnaya Polyana, consequences for economy would be obviously less dramatic, than now. The elephant in a crockery bench behaves much more accurately, than our ministers are capitalists.

The main objective of the government - to return to itself love of electorate. Not to restore economy, not to give to people the earth, means of production and an opportunity itself to feed, and to force them to look again eyes in love at a naked torso of the leader of the party in power.

And the love, as we know, is blind. The person in love forgives to a subject of the adoration almost everything. For strengthening of effect he can buy pink glasses, to arrange a dinner by candlelight and even inadvertently few times to be given.

By the way, sex and policy are very close by the nature. The main contact of the voter with a subject of the adoration happens in a separate cabin. The representative of electorate having remained in private with the whole list of applicants for its voice the cross opposite most trains it nice. Sometimes even the whole group of politicians unites to the voter in a cabin in one sincere ecstasy. Having been released, the tired and devastated citizen right there loses the attractiveness before the following elections.

Here it Pip - show happens at us two times a year. Before elections politicians behave as if females of a chimpanzee during pairing. Their main objective - to be pleasant.

- Choose me, choose me, - they sing in the manner of the forgotten Nikolay Gnatyuk long ago. - There will be a morning of tomorrow.

Of course, morning surely will come. Only at someone for breakfast pancakes with caviar, and at someone sucking of a finger.

However and to electorate you should not pose as the lost innocence in a domonical bed the domestic maid. Went to elections voluntarily, crosses put remember in what sections, here and receive deserved. It is necessary to think before this business, and not later. And now - either abortion, or an abortion.

Both extremely unpleasantly. But there is no choice. In this world it is necessary to be responsible for everything. Even for participation in Pip - show. Were left without work, there is your favourite conveyor, utilities, transport and the other benefits increased twice - is whom to thank for it. Darling. It is necessary to pay for pleasure.

By the way and where at us the national leader was gone? That year was, and in it not to see something. The voter perplexed claps eyelashes. If prices of oil grow and more and more - less as it should be - it is possible somehow and to endure so mysterious disappearance.

But when in the country a full bum, it has to, all darling to rise to the utmost and to declare:

- Who with financial crisis to us will come, that it and will die!

But only muffled statements for support of socially defenseless oligarchs are still heard. However, our people easily appeased and sympathetic. If it is correct to it to explain everything with blue already literally this word of screens, will surely forgive and will regret suddenly impoverished owners of plants, newspapers, steamships.

Soon all for breakfast will have only a sucking of a finger. Pancakes with caviar are cancelled.