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Why adults play at soldiers?

All of us in the childhood played at soldiers. Someone conducted the squadrons on a dining table, someone covered plastic infantrymen in the entrenchments dug in a sandbox...

The childhood passes, but the hobby for tell-tales at many remains. The people who are interested in history bring together the whole armies of little fighters of this or that period. Carefully paint the soldiers to achieve the maximum compliance with a real uniform of soldiers. Painting of models - copies - very pleasant relaksiruyushchy occupation. Only enamels smell quite strongly therefore air the room.

The industry of tiny models in the world is very developed. A set of firms produce combined models of tanks, planes and other equipment worldwide. Models from polystyrene are most of all widespread. They are brought together by pasting detalek by very smelly glue from butylacetate. Certainly, tell-tales are not deprived of attention of producers too. On sale there are hundreds of sets - from medieval knights to fighters of modern NATO - vsky special forces.

There are several standard scales for tell-tales, most often meet 1/35 (it is the most widespread scale for military equipment) and 1/72 (on a table it is possible to find room for two battling armies of such crumbs). Larger figures usually are the national teams: parts of a body and the weapon connect to the help of the same model glue. Small tell-tales are on sale entirely, pieces on 30 - 40 in a set, and are intended only for painting.

It is easy to guess that the most popular subject for models is World War II. To it producers of all countries - from Italy and the USA to Ukraine and China pay a tribute. It and is clear, WWII mentioned almost whole world, so equipment and tell-tales of this period can be interesting to modellers of all countries.

Among figures, at my subjective view, a palm keeps Wehrmacht - the general enemy. Parachutists, groups CC, gunners. A different uniform for Africa and Russia. Rough Teutonic faces (yes, even persons at tell-tales try to do different) with heavy lower jaws.

You need a fighting action? Here a set of the infantrymen going to attack under the leadership of the corporal with a razinuty mouth (gives teams). You want to simulate the calm moment? Please, group of the tankmen on a halt who peacefully have a bite and pochinyayushchy the fighting vehicle.

It should be noted magnificent registration of boxes with tell-tales. Each of them is surely supplied with the bright picture with the image of severe soldiers on the battlefield. There is a wish to buy a set at once and to paint tell-tales is as much as possible realistic that it was similar to fighters on a box. But this true art, delicate, laborious work.

To make a collecting of tell-tales it is even more fascinating, producers let out the mass of accessories. These are paints, models of houses, toy trees, a grass and so on and so forth. So it is optional to place the faithful guardsmen equal ranks on a desk. It is possible to make a diorama - a sketch of military life with a natural landscape, constructions, military equipment. It is possible to find photos of just amazing works in the Internet.

For own sharpness and improvisations there is always a place. For example, it is not always possible to find tell-tales of the historical period interesting you. In this case skilled fans can make them of the sets which are available on sale. For example, to take the weapon and a headdress from one tell-tale and to attach to their another. Such operation is called conversion. Here, of course, the corresponding skills and the tool are required.

So if the solid man spends evenings, painting tiny the dragoon and the cuirassier are not a whim and not " at all; childhood . This excellent hobby in which it is possible to combine harmoniously thirst for art and military history.