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What is kauchserfing? Travel on sofas of

People like to travel, learn the world. Travel is freedom, freedom from routine, an opportunity to live other life, to broaden the horizons. All want to travel, and here opportunities have not many. For this reason seven years ago the community of tourists which received the name a kauchserfing was created (CouchSurfing).

Its purpose - to make travel on the world for all comers available, without big monetary expenses. Having arrived to other country, the person lives in a family of locals absolutely free of charge, at the same time the people accepting him can help to examine local sights, to spend time interesting and informative. It is forbidden to ask money for reception by rules of community, but the gift or the help in housekeeping is welcomed.

Entering community of kauchserfingist, the person has to receive guests from other countries too, and not just visit. Travel on an exchange turns out: you to me, I to you. This direction gained broad development thanks to a world wide web of the Internet and opportunities of such programs as ICQ and Skype. It is possible to communicate with their help without problems with the whole world and, staying at home on a sofa, to resolve organizational issues of a trip.

The student from Germany Veit Kueje who organized the special website www became the founder of this direction. hospitalityclub. org where people can communicate and agree about a vpiska. Vpisk is a slang word, it makes several values which general sense is reduced to free receiving temporary housing. Club of hospitality and communication, the meeting place with interesting people - work of this association is held under such motto. The project is noncommercial, participation in it free, it is organized in different languages of the world including in Russian.

There are some more websites in this direction. One of the most popular - www. couchsurfing. com organized by Kasey Fenton in 2004. On the website more than one million people from 230 countries of the world are registered today. Generally, it is possible to go to any country where there is an Internet. Website appeal: Let`s make the world better, traveling and communicating!

of Kauchserfing (or travel on sofas) - for fans of the adventures, people ready to risk. Agree, to go to the unfamiliar country to strangers - big risk. All organization of a trip is under construction only on trust of people to each other. On the website it is possible to receive only the help in identification of the personality according to the specified residential address, all the rest - in your hands.

Judging by responses of people, negative experience it is not enough, the main part of travelers is happy with the trips. In responses people say that a kauchserfing - excellent means for immersion in the atmosphere of the country, an opportunity to know local culture better and just to make good friends. Generally the community unites free young people, students, but there are also adults, provided, just adventurers at heart.

To become a kauchserfingist, it is necessary to be registered on the website, having filled in the detailed questionnaire about itself, the interests, hobbies, habits. It is also necessary to specify what number of guests you are ready to accept and feed at home whether you are ready to show them local sights. Before filling in the questionnaire, it is necessary to solve for himself: whether all this is necessary for you, it is not game, people will count on your help.

Post the reviews of hospitality of a host on the website, there is even a rating of popularity and goodwill. Thus people learn about someone`s untidiness that helps to avoid many problems.

If you want to go to other country, then in a vpiska leave the inquiry with the indication of a route, date and your personal wishes to a host. In reply you receive the list of people who are ready to provide you gratuitously, that is for nothing, a roof over the head. You check their questionnaires, communicate with them and decide at whom you are ready to stop for a lodging for the night. The choice happens on the basis of sympathy, common interests and personal intuition.

In the RuNet there are no such websites yet. We have forums about travel where it is also possible to find vpisk and the company for travel, but separately allocated resource does not exist. The websites about tourism are more filled with informative information on the countries, responses of tourists and advertizing of travel agencies. If to consider that free travel become from year to year more popular, then it is possible and we shortly will have such resources.

The Kauchserfing is more than tourism, is rather a way of life of active and inquisitive people. For someone it is an opportunity to find new friends, and for someone - love. Everyone dreams of the, going to this unfamiliar way...