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Chief: he or she?

It is a shame! - the man exclaims, having learned that his chief - the woman. And it is valid whether the man can believe in such injustice? To them, such clever and highly professional, the certain thoughtless and obviously not shining with mind person will operate!

The fact that the man - the bird free, knows everyone, and not by hearsay, and in particular men. Fortunately, not all from us give it too great attention. And not everyone is inclined to construction absolute patriarchal societies and to the domostroyevshchena in which even not the second and not third place is allocated to the woman. However even such silent and quiet men can to rebel having learned that they have to submit in everything to the woman. Moreover, their career - literally meaning of life - will depend on it.

Stop! You should not part panic ahead of time. Let`s remember that it is more women in our society, than men, and also the fact that they make bulk of experts with the highest (and even several) education. Therefore it is no wonder that quite big percent of women holds senior positions.

And now we will deal with other problem. Why all - men anyway do not accept matriarchy ? Here what was told by men (by results of various psychological and sociological polls). In - the first, women in itself are very not sure of themselves and the actions. And the real leader has to know that he does and even what will do in the near and long-term future. In - the second, men often feel awkward at communication with the woman - the head and therefore are excessively polite and tense. Women, trying to be approved in men`s collective which they also direct, try to look the guy also behave somewhat roughly, up to the affected use of strong words.

Also such opinion is widespread that the woman is not created to give orders, at her absolutely opposite " at all; mission - to execute them, and implicitly. And in general - did not stick it to be the chief if wants to keep own feminity. The opinion that for the woman only two places where she will be just that head are provided, - in kitchen and once again in kitchen from time immemorial took roots.

But times changed, and it is necessary to adapt to new trends of an era. Even more often it is possible to meet business - the ladies understanding similar things it is not worse than men, and somewhere even it is better. And the main success of women in career consists, strangely enough, just in that man`s dogmatic patriarchy when men with gloating watch some failures in female business. As a result everything appears on the contrary - the woman on a horse and men - patriarchs - at the bottom . Therefore I address our readers - men: do not do it, leave the scepticism and star fever behind a workplace threshold, differently only you will suffer as a result from it.

And now return mentally to the deep childhood. What floor there was your tutor in kindergarten what floor your first teacher? Without doubts, it were women. However you did not grumble in this occasion and in everything submitted to them, implicitly. So you want now from the woman who became your immediate superior? Agree, hardly you will like to work under supervision of the head - the man if he on themselves - not the leader, not the organizer, and working conditions which he offers you are unacceptable.

But at the same time the fragile girl or the woman, and department, or perhaps comes to a post of the chief or director and the enterprise blossoms as if a rose. In what case it is the most pleasant to work? If you answer In the first you will just assimilate to those women - feminists who behind fight for the rights for the floor do not see anything and sometimes reach to the point of absurdity: once they asserted the right of the woman to work in mines, disregarding opinions of the sisters to which and for nothing such work is not necessary.

Summing up the results of our small conversation about little things in life, I want to give advice which is based not only on own experience, but also on recommendations of the psychologist: first of all it is necessary to appreciate only professional qualities of the chief, and it is unimportant who is he is a man or the woman. We go to service to work, carry out the labor duties and to bring means, necessary for life, to the house, but not to find out what floor most all realizes the organizing abilities fully.

Remember, and among women there is a huge number of leaders, and among men - the same number of petty tyrants and boasters. First of all, estimate the chief as the professional, the leader, the organizer, and personal ambitions let remain only a whim for a short time.