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What do we know about dust?

It everywhere: on the TV, in a favourite cushion, in a door crack, on a pan cover with borsch, on the ball pen forgotten on a table and on the table it probably - it is invisible. Lies a gray layer and is not pleasing to the eye and a nose at all.

Dust of centuries - not simply settled saying. Actually millions of destructions " fall to every 100-th fraction of a second on the globe; real and all this turns in hated us dust which is kicked up by wind in air, and then settles in our houses. Scientists allocate to

two champions on production of dust: World Ocean and volcanoes. If to look more widely - water and mountains. Water, breaking against rocks small drops of salty water, turns into salt. And further a cloud moves to the cities where settles on tops our headdresses. Volcanoes release the crushed rock which too, in turn, " into the atmosphere; comes also covers our pavements from which our boots bring dust to the house. It turns out, our door mat is deposits of minerals and nonfood salt.

One more scientific fact: comets and meteorites bring extraterrestrial dust in the atmosphere. Settling, it makes heavier our Earth - annually on 10 tons.

With what " dust availability threatens; in our interior ?

In - the first, the dust (which is not separately taken, seen only under a microscope a mote, and their congestion) is very powerful destroyer. It is difficult to believe, but dust possesses deleting action which is much more intensive, than an emery paper. Motes, getting, for example, to structure of fabric of an upholstery of a chair, rub the friend about the friend, and at first your chair loses gloss and then grows old - it is torn. Of course, in it the important role was played also by your trousers, but the century of your furniture shortens dust.

The second trouble which was brought with itself by dust is an allergy. Our mucous a nose, undoubtedly, does not pass the most part of this muck in an organism, but dust consists not only of sand of the Sahara or seaweed of the Dead Sea, but also of various chemistry with which to our organ of smell to cope not on forces. Also began: asthmas, dermatitis, konjyuktivita.

The considerable part of dust is made by ourselves: scales of our skin, saliva, nails. In my house in the concept " dust; fits in as well hair of a favourite cat, " pollen; subwindow greenhouse . Too you should not forget about bacteria and ticks is an integral part of a dusty microcosm.

And that the most unclear - how to fight against this invasion. Damp cleaning and the vacuum cleaner cope with " dust; lying but those particles invisible to us, which when cleaning hang over a surface, they are not able to absorb. And therefore after generalka on our carpet of dust though it is diminished, but not much more. Even if to arrange draft: how many will leave - will return so much.

It is necessary to hope for forecasts of our fantasts: life without diseases, problems and dust. Perhaps, creation of a certain environmentally friendly space of our rooms - business not it and fantastic.