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How to prepare the kid for kindergarten?

you already chose kindergarten for the kid, collected necessary documents, got in line? It was necessary only to wait for fall, and your child will enter a new stage of the life. It will be hard time for the baby therefore prepare the child in advance.

By the way and why it is considered that it is better to start going to a garden in the fall ? In it there are several positive moments:

1. Long summer walks and the food rich with fruit and vegetables, the organism of the kid does to stronger. Therefore process of adaptation will take place with smaller undesirable consequences.

2. Even if the child comes to already developed collective, after summer vacation kids already forgot partially each other and are forced to get used anew both to kindergarten, and to surrounding people. In such situation it will be easier for your kid to begin communication.

3. For the forthcoming summer you can thoroughly prepare the kid for kindergarten.

In what necessary preparation consists?

the Mode

Most often difficulties in adaptation to kindergarten arise from - for the fact that the child cannot get used to the new mode in any way. Houses the child lives by one rules, and in kindergarten he should adhere to the new schedule. How parents can soften a stress from change of the mode?

Learn about features of the mode of your kindergarten in advance. Gradually (approximately within a month) shift the house schedule in the necessary party. From it it will only be better for the child, the mode in child care facility is not made up, and developed and approved taking into account medical indications and opinions of doctors.

A day dream

Gradually accustom the kid to a day dream. Try to create favorable conditions for this purpose: quietly read the baby the favourite book, buy it a plush toy which will inspire in it feeling of safety. Even if the child at first cannot sleep in the afternoon, let will just lie down in the bed. He should get used to what after a lunch comes quiet time when games come to an end and rest begins.


the Emotional discomfort of the child from stay in a garden considerably will decrease if you teach him to put on, wash, fall asleep independently, accurately is, using a fork and a spoon. It is very important to teach the child to do without adults in a toilet.


the First days in kindergarten

Take care of that the night dream of your child was full and rather long (about ten hours), and awakening positive. If the child did not wake up by the necessary time itself, it is not necessary to hurry him. Let he will a little luxuriate in a bed.

Pick up clothes in which the baby will feel conveniently and relaxedly. It is very important that the clothes easily were taken off and put on. It is not obligatory to dress the kid in new things. The child can worry from - about the fact that he can rumple them or soil.

Increase time of stay in group gradually. At first bring the child of all for a couple of hours. The tutor will surely prompt to you when it is possible to leave the kid till a lunch and when and on a day dream. Gradual accustoming of the child is very important for his emotional state.

Be especially attentive!

Even by the correct training of the child the first days in kindergarten are time, heavy for it. After kindergarten walk a little, discuss with the kid last day, let`s it be uttered. Be patient, surely listen to the child and answer his questions. Usually the baby it is overflowed with impressions. He can fall asleep before usual or, on the contrary, behave too actively and loudly. Do not frighten the kid by words: If you do not calm down, I will take away you back! The Kindergarten should not be the place which punish. The uncontrollable behavior of your child means that additional rest is necessary for it. Create houses a cozy and silent situation. You do not visit any time and do not invite anybody to yourself home. After kindergarten wash up the baby and feed, and then read it or play quiet games. If the child refuses to play with you, perhaps, he just wants to stay alone and to calm down.

Patience to you! And let the kindergarten will become for your kid well familiar and cozy world!