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Virginity is more preferable than experience? Lessons of sex

And all - in this first falling was something special and touching. I remember, me immediately, in the same place, without leaving the room, became sadly, sadly so that there was a wish to cry, cry about death of the innocence, about the ruined attitude towards the woman forever. Yes - with, the natural, simple attitude towards the woman was ruined forever. I had no pure attitude towards the woman since then and could not be . L. N. Tolstaya`s

, Kreytserova sonata.

remembered this moment because the note " caught sight; The Prostitute in public service . Allegedly honored prostitute of Vienna is engaged only in virgins, as if preventing undesirable and inept sexual contacts and by that reducing probability of a disease (first of all - AIDS).

Virginity loss not always takes place without traumatic consequences. How to make the first sexual contact pleasant and safe? On the one hand, as if there is a perfect decision: virginity on both sides to a wedding - and forward! And as you assess such situation: my acquaintance told how she had it: I already also did not know when all this, at last, comes true. It was impossible to it in any way, it could not enter! About inflammations after the first sexual contact after a wedding and there is nothing to speak! Loads! Just there is no statistics.

In fiction (both ancient, and modern) situations with the interesting decision were repeatedly described.

For example, Stefan Zweig in To the Legend of twin sisters . One sister - an example of piety, the second - the profligate. Long time they in quarrel, but the profligate planned to turn the pious Christian into the belief. After long preparations she arranges to the sister appointment to the lover, it is ordered to them to tempt the virgin. Final events are described so:

Angry, even angered by what the young man does not give it the slightest occasion to prove to the sister the inaccessibility and to give vent to just anger, she, at last, met danger.

It is not known as well as from where on it suddenly found fervent fun, she began to laugh loudly, being shaken and spinning extensively, but it was not it is a shame, it is terrible - till midnight not so far, a dagger near at hand, and this mnimoplamenny young man is colder, than a steel edge. Closer and closer it drew near it in hope that at last it will be presented a case to defend the virtue victoriously; without wishing that, God-fearing Sofia consumed by ambition exercised the wit in art of seduction in accuracy as did it, for the sake of especially worldly goods, her fornicator - the sister.

But wise saying says that if to touch at least a hair in a beard of a devil, he by all means will seize to you a nape. So in the heat of competition it happened also to Sofia. From the wine seasoned with a dope without her permission from the smoked aromas, from delightfully - the wearying sounds of a flute thoughts began to be confused at it. The speech turned into muffled babble, laughter - in a shrill laughter, and any doctor of medicine, any jurist could not prove before court whether there was it to it in a dream or in reality, in intoxication or in strong memory, from its consent or contrary to her will, but anyway - long before midnight there was what, on command of god or his rival, has to occur between the woman and the man sooner or later.

From the disturbed clothes folds with a ring the hidden dagger fell to marble slabs of a floor, but it is strange: the tired righteous woman did not lift it, did not stick into a breast of the impudent young man; neither crying, nor noise of fight reached Elena`s ears .

After that sisters sold the caress to everyone - now on couple.

It not really moral case is described. And here at Long in Daphnis and Hloye everything was much more pristoyny though the final was the same is virginity loss.

13. Zableyali sheep herds; lambs jumped, climbing under a uterus, and for nipples pulled them. And rams chased the sheep who were not giving birth yet, behind climbed up them, everyone having chosen themselves one. And goats chased goats and ran into them with love passion and fought for goats; everyone had the, and everyone protected them that as - nibud other goat secretly did not contact them. Even old people, happen to them to see it, to affairs of love would induce such show. And furthermore - Daphnis and Chloe, young, blossoming and for a long time looking for pleasures love: they burned, hearing all this, were thrilled, seeing it, and looked for something better, than kisses and embraces, - especially Daphnis. During winter, staying at home without any business, he grew up; therefore he was torn to kisses and was eager for embraces, and in everything became much more courageous and more resolute.

14. Here he also began to ask that Chloe conceded to it in what he wished: nude with nude would lie down with it longer, than did earlier. It is one, - he said, - remained that was not executed by us from Filet`s councils. Only here, likely, that means that our love will calm . When it asked a question that is even more, than to kiss, embrace and to lie together and that else he conceived to do if there are they, both nude, together to lie, he answered it: The Same that rams with sheep and goats with goats. Unless you do not see that after it`s done, sheep and goats from them do not run, and those do not pine, chasing them, but as though having mutually tasted pleasures, are together grazed. Probably, business it is delightful and wins against bitterness of love . But unless you do not see, Daphnis, as goats with goats, and rams with sheep do all this standing, and goats and sheep, standing too, accept them. Those on them jump, they hold up a back to them. And you want that I together with you laid down moreover and nude, look, their wool is much more dense than my " clothes;. Daphnis and, together with it ulegshis obeyed, long time lay, but, without being able to make that what passionately aspired to, he lifted it and, having behind embraced, nestled on it, imitating goats. And, having even more been confused, he sat down and began to cry: really it is even sillier than rams in affairs of love?

Years so twenty back when reorganization began, on cable channels started up an easy sensuality. Couple of movies were remembered. One of them was devoted to sex lessons at school. It was the comedy in which authors parodied approach to sexual education.

The second movie was more serious: mother began to suspect that her maturing son inclines to homosexuality, and decided to break it. She employed the prostitute, gave it for the friend. And this to the friend charged to look after the son (that he what did not do) during its absence. Itself allegedly left on affairs whether per day, whether on two. Friend in the set time carried out the task set by careful mother: it turned the boy into the man. But the idea of the movie, probably, was in another: this sexual contact led to the fact that the boy fell in love with the temptress (or the seducer?) . And the prostitute was impressed by his love, but (to a goat it is clear) it was the deadlock way of development. I do not remember any more, than all this ended (safely regarding reorientation of the young man - undoubtedly).

So in idea to involve prostitutes in transformation of young men into men, so to speak, legally something is. However, it is not clear what to do with girls!

It is possible to add that (as well as women from the man to the man) search of more skillful, more skilled partner can be the reason of transition of men from the woman to the woman. It is necessary to study, to study and study!

P. S. As for a note about the professional prostitute in public service - there are big doubts in truthfulness of this material. I suspect that it was written and printed for a rating raising The Express - " newspapers;: in the Network which usually very much willingly picks up such materials practically any website did not copy this article.