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Aratta - a mankind ancestral home?

For many years historians were convinced that the first sprouts of a civilization appeared at the end of IV - the beginning of the III millennium BC in valleys of the rivers Tiger and Euphrates, having laid the foundation of a Sumer civilization. The origin of shumer before recent time was known little. Was considered that they were successors of more ancient ubeydsky culture at which shumer adopted experience of agricultural works.

As for their earlier ancestors, here data have more likely mythological character, and they are not taken by scientists seriously. On one of myths, shumer considered as the first homeland the mysterious country Dilmun - recently many agree in opinion that this country was located on the island Bahrain. In other legends it is said that shumer are obliged by the origin Sunlike Aratte - as it was later than the civilization standing, at sources of all Indo-European race. In 1994 - 1996 Moscow shumerolog A. G. Kifishin, studying inscriptions around the Stone Grave, proved that primary ancestral home of all Indo-Europeans - the legendary Aratta sung by shumer in the III millennium BC was in the territory of present Ukraine.

Approximately in twenty kilometers from Melitopol on the river bank Dairy there is a mysterious natural education under the name the Stone Grave. This natural phenomenon has the huge historian - archaeological value: on these stones it is possible to see traces of activity of the person, beginning from a paleolith and finishing with the early Middle Ages: here both petroglyphs of primitive people, and inscriptions of early Christians, and drawings of Romans meet. In 60 - 70 years some archeologists paid attention that the household items found near the Stone Grave suspiciously remind similar utensils from Shue - Eden - on - ki - the Arch (modern Chatal - Gyuyuka) - the most ancient settlement in Anatoly whose emergence scientists refer to the end of VII - to the beginning of the VI millennium BC Besides, some scientists found out that many letters cut on monoliths of the Stone Grave are identical to signs of a Sumer cuneiform writing. However, business did not reach serious interpretations, and only in the middle of 90 - x years the Moscow researcher A. G. Kifishin was engaged in studying of this problem and visited this prehistoric monument.

What opened to Kifishin as a result of research changes all ideas of origin of a human civilization. The mysterious letters found on stones really have a direct bearing on Sumer writing, but only even more ancient origin.

On one of east plates of the Stone Grave Kifishin distinctly read a Sumer " symbol; Shue - Nong meaning Queen`s Hand . In Ancient Mesopotamia there was a city with such name. The word " was the following Sumer inscription; Nong - to Beard . In language of these ancient people it meant Queen Stepi . According to the legend of shumer, the river about which god Enlil tempted young Ninlil for what it was forever banished in an underworld so was called. Similar metaphorical images, according to the most scientific, are connected with world problems - space, with its birth and death - revival which alternated cyclically in a great circle of life, involving in the rhythm and human life . Therefore up to the end to understand these texts, the corresponding knowledge in the field of ancient mythology is necessary.

Today in different places of the Stone Grave 130 rock paintings and 160 stone plates which are used up by the ancient letter are revealed. The earliest are dated in the XII-X millennia BC, late belong to the III millennium BC, that is by the time of existence of a Sumer civilization. A. G. Kifishin could decipher even calendar symbols: among them date 11582 BC and a number of instructions are allocated for events of the XX millennium BC!

On the basis of opening around the Stone Grave Kifishin developed own hypothesis of Aratta`s origin. In his opinion, shumer were descendants of the Aryan tribes which arrived from lower reaches of Dnieper, Don, Danube, Volga which founded the most ancient settlements which names anyway remind of their historical homeland in different places. It and Sumer Aratta (perhaps, about her there is a speech in the specified epos), and Indian Bharat, besides, in Iran is Aratta - Arth, similar names can be met at many Indo-European people. As for the Black Sea Aratta, the extensive territory from the Crimea to the Carpathians, since the XII millennium occupied by hunting tribes from which the special caste of the priests who were at the head of tribes was already distinguished so was called BC. In the same time the first sanctuaries where sacrifices are made begin to appear. Subsequently, perhaps, with cold weather approach, people began to leave the rendered habitable territories. The part them remained Dairy near the river, others moved to Asia Minor. The stone Grave, most likely, served as a certain spiritual center, a cult sanctuary where there were various ceremonies and rituals and where wise men imprinted the vision of the world and the public way inherent in that far time.

In turn, since IX millennium BC in Asia (mainly in the territory of present Anatoly) transition to statehood begins. Most successfully it was shown in the VII millennium BC in Asia Minor where Shue`s settlement - Eden - on - ki - Arches was formed. Exactly here, in the territory of modern Chatal - Gyuyuka, there was one of the first civilizations of the Old World. The English archeologist J. Mellart who dug out this settlement found more than 40 temples in which, besides religious practices, were carried out supervision over heavenly objects.

Intensive development of agriculture, and also application of melioration caused a population explosion and a zasolontsevaniye of the irrigated lands. In addition, seismic processes at that time became more active owing to what earthquakes and volcanic eruptions considerably became frequent. All these factors caused search of the new places of residence for what approximately in the 6200th year BC. prospecting expedition around the Black Sea during which wanderers visited a sanctuary the Stone Grave was equipped. Shue`s priests - Eden - on - ki - the Arch copied unknown to them the letters (invented here in the Dnieper Shue before - Nong) and, having returned home to themselves, represented them in one of temples on the Foremother Sushchego`s relief (the cult of the Goddess - Mothers was the main thing in a pantheon of local gods). Scientists by means of the radio-carbon analysis managed to determine its exact date (the 6200th year BC) which is considered to be now as the beginning of the European statehood because shortly in Pridunavye there is the first power of the Old World which in honor of ancient area of dwelling was named Aratta

of Opening of Kifishin and Shilov had effect of the become torn bomb in the scientific environment, having forced to look at all history of origin of an Indo-European civilization in a new way. Many stars of science (mainly foreign) were skeptical about them enough, obviously, without wishing to recognize for praslavyanam superiority in the history. Nevertheless, numerous researchers who fully agree that sources of the European culture should be looked for in the territory of Ukraine continue to develop this version.

Though the ancient settlements on time coinciding with Aratta found earlier (the most ancient city of Jericho which earliest occupation layer belongs to 9551 BC) influence which was made by this ancient country on the subsequent civilizations allows to consider it as an ancestral home of European civilization. So it or not, will be shown by further researches and new archaeological opening for now in all historical works superiority is given in the history Sumer