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Yury Olesha: the writer who was it is cut out from a pure crystal of imagination ?

on March 3, 1899, 110 years ago, the son Yura was born in Elizavetgrade (nowadays - Kryvyi Rih) in a family of the impoverished nobleman of the Polish origin Karl Olesha. As he liked to repeat subsequently - Heine who was born in 1801 called himself the first person of the nineteenth century. Having been born on other end of the century, I can call myself it the last person

Speak, breed cannot be shaded, all the same it will be beaten out outside. And young Olesha (hereditary shlyakhtich) practically since the early childhood treated everything deliberately ironically, not really loved poorly educated people for whom it always on call had a full quiver of venomous arrows. And to get to it on a uvula was all the same what to sit down on the heated frying pan - the boy had such terrible imagination and a choice word that object its attacks, as a rule was long at all on lips.

I am not a robber, believe me, Sima but to live so further - insufferably...

Though cases when also the Key as the companion on literary and would-be-literary parties Valentin Katayev called it, became object for a gossip happened. Years in twenty to Olesh shot The Cupid, when he absolutely lost the head from Sima Suok. According to Katayev Not connected with each other by any obligations, poor, young, quite often hungry, cheerful, gentle, they were capable to kiss suddenly in broad daylight directly on the street, among the revolutionary posters and lists shot .

Once hunger played with them a bad joke. Olesha with the brother-in-law Eduard Bagritsky (married to elder sister Suok - Lidiya) somehow noticed that the hoarder, famous in Kharkiv, and vein accountant by nickname " Poppy; very greedy glances at slender Sima whom Olesha tenderly called the Friend. Hungry poets decided to potrapeznichat at the expense of Mack and came to him together with Sima. They ate a salmon, drank wine and had a snack on a lemon. Then, on a full stomach, began to argue about poetry and did not notice how for the owner - the accountant and Sima doors slammed. After a while they returned, and Sima solemnly declared that she wants to live in luxury, and therefore just married Mack.

If the sun piece fell down Olesha`s head, it would crush it much less, than treachery of the Friend. It even not 20 rams and the Finnish refrigerator, for which the uncle in To the Caucasian captive Leonid Gaidai sold the niece. Salmons ate, is called

And it left to another...

Olesha decided to find

a consolation in wine. He ceased to distinguish day and night, and his Katayev who arrived to Kharkiv found in such state. The friend needed to be helped out, and therefore Valentin straight went to newlyweds and nearly by a hand brought with himself Sima. Before them boundless open spaces of the ocean of love revealed again?

As if not so. Once Katayev with Olesha decided to go to Moscow, in Odessa was very hungry. Katayev went the first, and then had to join the Key with the Friend him. But friends for some reason were late and when in newspaper editorial office in which Katayev worked phone call was distributed, and Valentin heard a joyful voice of Sima, he did not hide pleasure too: Arrived?! Give - a tube to the Key! . Sima somehow strange hesitated, and only squeezed out: We will arrive " now;.

But instead of Olesha into Katayev`s room rushed demon of the Odessa revolutionary literature - lame and one-armed Vladimir Narbut. And it was far more difficult to pull out from his only escaped right hand of the Friend, than from two hands of Mack.

But strange business - Olesha managed to overcome the painful passion to Simochka. However, by means of average of three sisters Suok - Olga. But before Katayev managed to entice Sima to himself where she was already waited by the Key. Where there to Shakespearean passions - the former beloved attacked at each other with such greed!. But here in the yard gloomy Narbut with a huge Mauser in a hand appeared.

Katayev jumped out to the yard. Poigryvy the weapon, Narbut filtered: If Serafima does not appear this minute, then I will be shot, right on the spot!

Unlike Lilya Brik who counted Vladimir Mayakovsky`s threats empty Sima quite realized what now can occur. Having given smacking kiss at parting the Key, she returned to Narbut Is remarkable

that several years when the demon of poetic revolution was arrested in 1936 later, senior of sisters - Lydia (Bagritsky`s widow) tried to protect Narbut and so was zealous that she was released 17 years later from Stalin camps. And Sima two more times after that married, and both times for writers. Such is, probably, it had a fate One sister replaced with


But we will return to the average sister - Olga. They with Olesha, eventually, got married, and he devoted it the well-known fairy tale - Three fat men . And in general Olesha was, perhaps, one of the brightest feuilletonists early Beep where it was published practically in each number, subscribing by the Chisel. As Boris Yampolsky - " wrote about it later; he was not either a careerist, or the flatterer it was cut out from a pure crystal of imagination .

During an era of Stalin`s rule not to be careerist and flatterer it was very difficult. And it is even unpromising. Especially as Olesha wrote always very bitingly, did not spare anybody and anything, and these ringing slaps in the face of the Soviet power, gave to officials and bureaucrats a big inconvenience. And though Yury Karlovic wrote much, but somewhere since 1934 all its plays appeared under a ban. Over it did not use violence, but, figuratively speaking did not allow to breathe

the Chisel as a common noun...

But it was in 1934. And before Olesha had mad success. He received letters bags. Sent tens of opuses signed the Chisel to edition (would be to call pseudo-more precisely - the Chisel). He acted in railway depots, in locomotive shops. As the founder of the Soviet detective Lev Slavin, " wrote; nothing can be more concerning, than these long, booming flights filled with workers who climbed up machines, trolleys, cranes. What auditorium can be compared to such audience! . And not incidentally famous Boris Schukin somehow noticed to Olesha: If you, Yury Karlovic, were not a wonderful writer, you would leave the excellent actor...

And still friends called it King of gnomes for the big head and a penetrating glance of blue eyes. In it there was something fantastic. Here tell whether many can brag of the fact that their grandmother called Malvin? But Olesha the King of metaphors was even more often for many...

And it when literally on quotes Vladimir Mayakovsky, Iosif Utkin, Mikhail Bulgakov, Ilya Ilf`s lines with Evgeny Petrov were snatched away. Agree, it is worth a lot...

is easy to Lose itself, is more difficult to find

He could not sing under others pipe. During the Great Patriotic War he did not pay for the apartment, and he was moved. Olesha long wandered on others corners, for him many famous writers and actors asked. After Stalin`s death, in 1956, on all its works the ban was withdrawn. But by then Olesha was already fairly poisoned because he got used to remove all stresses alcohol.

On May 9, 1960 when on streets of Moscow there was a triumph on the occasion of 15 - the anniversaries of the Great Victory, Yury Karlovic suddenly told the Olenyok: Something entered me .

It appeared, a heart attack. Doctors, though tried, but were powerless. On May 10 Yury Olesha did not become. As Victor Shklovsky (the last husband of Serafima Suok) - on a funeral " remembered; many people came. Almost all came. And those which were late to a coffin they came later too, in years when they drank inspiration water from the wells dug by Olesha